Boochcraft microbrew beer

A good friend of mine, Navy SEAL and fellow sniper with whom I operated with has recently started a new micro brew beer company in San Diego called Boochcraft.  Not only did Yona and I serve together, but he also worked for me as one of my senior team leaders in my company, Greyside Group.  Yona and some buddies of his and fellow founders, Adam Hiner, Andrew Clark and Todd Kent, are all entrepreneurs and have really started something new and exciting when it comes to traditional micro brew beers.

FullSizeRenderBoochcraft is an artisan kombucha, with “adventurous flavor profiles and high alcohol options” that make for a unique and unparalleled type of beer.  They are also the only brewery in Southern California offering a high alcohol kombucha (7.0% ABV).  Wow right!  Each different flavor of Boochcraft is brewed with fresh pressed juices and carbonation control is used to ensure perfect carbonation

Some of the health benefits of Boochcraft:

  • Gluten free
  • Organic and Non-GMO
  • Fluoride and Chlorine free water used during filtration

So check them out, it’s taking off like wildfire in southern Cal, and is slowly making its way to distributors across the U.S.  Give them a like on Facebook and keep an eye out for it at your favorite local watering hole and ask the management when they’re going to start carrying it.

You can follow Alex Popovic on Twitter and on Instagram

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