U.S. Navy Warships Being Attacked In The Red Sea

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels recently fired missiles at the U.S. Navy destroyer, USS Mason, as it transited in international waters in the Red Sea. Though the warship wasn’t struck, U.S. officials confirmed that it was definitely targeted.

While unclear how many missiles were fired nor how close they came to the destroyer, the attack did force the USS Mason to employ onboard defensive measures. Fox News first reported the story here.uss-mason-alex-popovic-understanding-modern-piracy

When I was CEO of my former company, Greyside Group, we had several large contracts with shipping companies from Europe that required us to embark armed security to protect them from pirate attacks in and around the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. I personally transited the area several times to see the problem first hand.

After several transits I wrote a white paper titled “Alex Popovic & Greyside Group Understanding Modern Piracy,” in it I described what the International Role was against piracy and terrorism which culminated with studying six attacks and now the attack against the USS Mason being the seventh one.  Also during this time I regularly briefed the U.S. State Department, namely President Obama’s nominee, Miss Donna Hopkins head of Counter Piracy and Maritime Security at the Department of State.

This most recent attack validates what I wrote could possibly happen and why, and demonstrates just how vital International shipping lanes are and how dangerous they have become in recent years.

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