Recon And Sniper Foundation

Since the onset of 9-11 the United States has been fighting two of its longest wars in its collective history and on two different fronts, namely Iraq and Afghanistan. Naturally, and unfortunately, a bye product of war is the deaths of US service men and women, not to mention those wounded physically and mentally.


Recon & Sniper foundation logo

Following 9-11 there have been a plethora of non-profits that donate their time, money and products to these brave men and women returning from the battlefield. One such non-profit that was set up by Marine Scout/Snipers and Reconnaissance Marines is known as the Recon & Sniper Foundation, or R&S Foundation. They mainly deal with helping Marines who were Snipers and/or Reconnaissance Marines, in a variety of ways. Recently several of them went to help the flood victims in Louisiana and Alabama. It was humbling to see them helping fellow Marines who lost everything

A fellow Marine from my old unit, 3rd Force Reconnaissance Co., recently moved to Phoenix, and is its general counsel, he’s become a good friend. As with any start up, they had their hiccups early on and had to get rid of some bad apples, one in particular comes to mind (Charlie Mike) 😉, and since his departure from its board the organization has skyrocketed.

I have donated to them and will continue to do so, so please check them out and see if you can help in any way. Also, one thing that you want to check on is how much money donated to any non-profit actually goes to veterans. You can check them out here, by simply clicking and then entering the name of any organization you’re thinking of donating to, it’ll quickly show a break down of what goes where.


Recon & Sniper Foundation memebers helping fellow Marines devestated by flooding in Louisiana

That said, I would encourage you to donate to this wonderful charity that does so much to help my fellow Marine Scout/Sniper and Reconnaissance Marines, I’ve seen them help with everything from car repairs, to helping Marines whose entire homes were destroyed by recent floods and everything in between.

Semper Fi

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