USMC veteran Alex Popovic appears On Local News Channel In Search Of Heart Felt Note

This past Monday night was just like any other, the weekend was over, it was time to shop and stock up for the upcoming week, and my wife’s favorite show was on, The Voice. We decided to send our daughter to get a few items from our local Wal-Mart. When she walked back in the house the look on her face is something I’ll never forget.

She was holding what seemed like a post card and remarked, “Look what someone left on your car.” I thought great another solicitation. Boy was I wrong. She began reading what the card said. I sat up and quipped, “Who wrote that?” She said, “I don’t know.” I was almost brought to tears. Here’s the note, left on the windshield of my car.xdpg6592

I immediately decided to post this on social media in an effort to shed light on such a heart-felt message and note, and to help me find Natalie. A good friend of mine, Taryn Vandervoort, who just founded The Muffin Top Girl here in Arizona, put me in touch with a media outlet who ultimately wanted to do a piece on the story.

I think in today’s social media, which spews so much negativity and hatred, there needs to be more heartfelt stories like this one. Let me say thank you to all my friends on social media who liked, shared and forwarded this story in an effort to find Natalie, #HelpMeFindNatalie. I’d like to thank Chloe Ranshaw with for doing such a wonderful job filming, editing and publishing this great story on CW6

You can view the piece she did here titled “Veteran Searches For Author Of Heartfelt Note.” Let me be the first to say, I’m far from a hero but served with dozens and dozens of hero’s. As a disabled veteran Recon Marine and Scout/Sniper I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your tireless work in helping get this story out. Too many of my fellow veterans fall by the wayside and get forgotten about in today’s unfortunate VA system.

Please help me keep passing on the ability to help veterans and first responders with their home purchase and sales via my company Semper Find My Home, I give back my commissions to all of them in an effort to help them with what amounts to probably their largest business transaction. If you know of any veterans, or first responders, in the Phoenix area who want to sell, buy or rent and have any real estate needs contact me. My goal is to still give back $100,000 by next summer. Let’s do this collectively.

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