Alex Popovic brought on as writer for Spotter Up blog.

I had the privilege recently of having an article I wrote be featured in a blog named Spotter Up; you can read the article here. A friend and fellow Scout/Sniper Dave Devaney, who is a featured writer, introduced me to the blog owner Mike Kurcina.

Recently Mike and I have been speaking with more frequency and I was really impressed by his vision, and the fact that he’s positioning his blog with some large strategic partners, he’s also doing some other exciting things that will come out later on.

That said, Mike, recently asked me to be a screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-5-45-57-pmfull-time writer on Spotter Up and I honored to have a platform on a blog that has so many readers with a variety of topics. I think I have will definitely bring immediate value and am honored to be part of the team of writers who have been doing an awesome job thus far.

So follow the blog and me and leave me feedback, pass onto friends and feel free to email me any fresh ideas or content you think may add value to it. I’m always looking to learn from others and particularly like stories that should be told but for some reason haven’t.

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