5 Year Anniversary Of Greyside Group Attempted Take Over By Four Morons

October for me is a time of year I love. Mainly because the weather is getting colder, and Halloween has fallen upon us. There’s something about this time of year that I love, family, food, and the festive season is upon us.


Alex Popovic (L) with Navy SEAL employee at trade show in Europe

October 31st, 2011 was a day that I won’t forget either. It taught me a valuable lesson about trusting people and how to operate and run a successful company. As the founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Greyside Group (a private sector national security company), I had successfully captured contracts with major shipping companies around Europe and Asia providing armed guards on vessel’s to stave off attacks by Somali Pirates. The company was poised to make tens of millions and already had.

I had brought on an individual as my Chief Information Officer whom I served with in the military in a Force Recon Company. He had gone on to do work with large credit card companies in information security, after failing out of BUD/s, failure seems to be a habit with him in life (he failed at becoming a SEAL, failed at screwing his partner over in his company before coming to work for me and failed at his attempted ouster of me), after default judgments against him and his wife totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unbeknownst to me, he had acted in bad faith (if you Google him, you can read all about it) in his previous company he owned with his partner and had a proclivity for puffing and being all about himself, he called himself a “Google god “ and used to say all the time “I hack people’s lives,” but I digress.

He brought in an angel investor friend of his, another business brainchild, who invested $2 million dollars in my company. After wanting my type of company in his portfolio, they hatched this “plan” with 2 other individuals they knew, to try and take over the company on October 31st 2011. Little did they know I was already onto them and hadn’t left the country as they thought I’d be overseas. Their plan was about to fail miserably.

I ended up obtaining a federal restraining order, enjoining all 4 butt buddies, followed by a lawsuit that they ended up settling with me. In the end they left $2 million dollars in the company (who does that if they’re not guilty), turned over their stock interests and board seats. No board was ever formed because we couldn’t obtain DNO (Directors and Officers) insurance due to their dishonest and unisurable backgrounds collectively, and I ended up with my company back.

Shortly after the settlement a complete bogus and BS story of stolen valor suddenly appeared on the Internet along with a completely doctored bio about me proclaiming I was awarded a Silver Star and Purple Heart. Hmmmmm makes you wonder if the self proclaimed Google god and hacker who ruins people’s lives was involved? He actually sent me a text that said “fake Silver Star upon your chest, Subway sandwiches are the best.”


Alex Popovic celebrating by Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia

The moral of the story is, here I am in Sydney, Australia 5 years later, reminiscing and laughing all the way to the bank, after all I did sue Bank of America, about how good life is, and how to not ever surround yourself with people whose moral compasses are really messed up. And to always fight for what is yours and right, in the end you’ll always prevail.

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