John Glenn Passes at 95, Fast Facts About Him

John Glenn has passed away at the ripe old age of 95. He was truly a selfless leader and person who did more for this country that one could collectively argue will put him up with the likes of Lewis & Clark.   Here are some amazing facts about John Herschel Glenn Jr.

He was born July 18, 1921 and grew up during the great depression in Cambridge, Ohio. He served in the US Marine Corps from 1943-1965 rising to the rank of Colonel. He also flew 149 combat missions during WWII and Korea, receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross on six occasions, an unbelievable feat.


Photo courtesy of CNN

Of the original seven Project Mercury astrounauts, John was the last surviving one. In 1957 he set the speed record flying form Los Angeles to New York in three hours and 23 minutes.

In April on 1959 NASA selects Glenn as on of seven astrounauts for Project Mercury. During the space race against the USSR Glenn becomes the first American to orbit earth, circling the globe three times in four hours 56 minutes. By 1964 he resigns from the NASA program. He enters politics in Ohio as a Democrat and loses his senate bid, however by 1974 he’s elected to the US senate serving four consecutive terms.

In 1998 at the age of 77 Glenn becomes the oldest person to ever venture into space. He served as a payload specialist in the STS-95 crew aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. His awards include the Congressional Gold Medal for Distinguished Astrounauts, Presidential Medal of Freedom, a US Navy Ship named after him Mobile Landing Platform (MLP), and at The Ohio State University there is the John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

Fair winds, god speed and there will probably be no other individual like you in our lifetime who did more in service for his country than you John Glenn.

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