VA Leaves Deceased Vets Body Decompising and Tries Covering It Up

In yet another blow to the VA and its treatment of veterans; a recent report found that staff at a Veterans Hospital in Florida, left a deceased veterans body for 9 hours decomposing in a shower after he died in its hospice care.


Photo courtesy of Fox News

The 24 page report found that staff at the facility left the veterans body in a hallway, in the hospital mind you, then moved the body to a shower room and did not check on the status of the deceased service member for over 9 hours.  By doing so this increased the chance for decomposition.  The veteran was not named.

As usual, not a single employee involved was fired.  Rep. Gus Bilirakis, R-Fla said the following, “not a single VA employee has been fired following this incident, despite a clear lack of concern and respect for the veteran. The men and women who sacrificed on behalf of our nation deserve better.”  Yeah I guess we do, but this goes to the root cause of the problem within the entire VA…..accountability and people not getting fired, so what do they have to lose for such abhorrent behavior?

As a service-connected disabled veteran my hope is that the new administration will clean the entire VA from top to bottom considering it falls under the auspices of the executive branch. 

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