Trumps Top VA Secretary Picks Withdraw Themselves As Nominees

According to the Military Times the top two considerations for the Secretary of Veteran Affairs position within the Trump cabinet have bailed. As if it couldn’t get any worse for the beleaguered organization, it seems as though the front-runners (Luis Quinonez and Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove) see it for what it is, a hot mess that is a losing proposition for them.

veterans-affaris-logo-alexpopovic-comI’ve been saying all along, the VA has long become a breeding ground for incompetency; scandal after scandal and a snap shot of what becomes of health care services once the government gets involved.  It’s also a place “academics” choose to hide and pursue their own agendas.

“Both men had met with the president-elect several times about overseeing the agency, which employs about 365,000 people and has an annual budget nearing $180 billion. Trump announced nominees to lead nearly every other major government department before the end of last year.

The president-elect has described the current department as broken and vowed to massively expand private care options for veterans, root out waste within veterans programs and restore public confidence in a department still reeling from the 2014 wait times scandal.

He also promised to enact many of those changes within his first 100 days in office. Transition teams have been laying the groundwork for those reforms for weeks, but it’s unclear how far that work can progress without a new VA secretary.”

Fox News’ host Pete Hegseth remains a choice, but do you think Trump would entrust such a pivotal cabinet position with so much at stake to a mid-grade officer with no corporate experience? Yeah I didn’t think so either.

There’s a reason why this cabinet position has yet to be filled and is one of the last two remaining because it’s been plagued with so much controversy and President-Elect Trump knows what’s at stake if it doesn’t get fixed, just his presidency.

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