VA Staff Received Millions In Unwarranted Bonuses

The VA just won’t stop giving, giving bonuses to workers with no explanation that is, while the beleaguered institution fails the veterans it is funded and mandated by law to provide for.

Brandon Coleman, who is a personal friend, and who I wrote about previously on this blog and at Spotter Up, appeared this morning on Fox News with Pete Hegseth, to speak about the current scandal rocking the VA.

What we have discovered is that in 2014 the VA paid $30.7 million dollars in bonus money to executives with no rationale.

The office of the Inspector General, released a report that they were paid without any performance-based requirements, and they’re being hush about who was paid and how much each person/s was paid.

img_8336As Brandon correctly pointed out, if the current pay rate continues, by 2018 it will have paid out over $190 million dollars in bonuses. Secretary McDonald recently said, “we can’t fire our way to excellence at the VA.” Really, that’s how it works in the private sector and is called accountability and ensuring standards are maintained. I guess that’s the mantra at the VA and why vets like me are waiting 894 days for decisions regarding our cases.

You can’t fire everyone, nor do you need to, however, setting an example of the most egregious acts though  by acting quickly and swiftly is a starting place. As I’ve said over and over, the VA has become a haven for “academics” and “political hacks” who are leading this cash cow and rudderless ship by using it for their own gain at our expense. These are your deplorables.

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