Trump Announces VA Secretary Nominee Dr. David Shulkin

During a press briefing today, President-Elect Trump answered a slew of questions and made several announcements, the most important, in my eyes, was that Dr. David Shulkin would be the VA secretary.

alex-popovic-blog-about-dr-david-shulkinWho is David Shulkin, let’s take a look real quick? He is the current Under Secretary of Health for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. President Obama nominated him on March 18, 2015. So we’ve promoted an insider from within to lead the nation’s largest health care system that’s been a disaster for years.

Just as I guessed, another insider got promoted.  I can’t believe that Trump would do this and how us vets, who are the ones waiting years and years for cases to be heard, view this. It looks like nothing has changed, and why should it, we’ve seen this type of thing happen over and over again.

While Dr. Shulkin has had what seems like a diversified career, CEO of Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, Chief Medical Officer of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, Vice Dean at Drexel University College of Medicine but to name a few. He obtained his MD in from Medical College of Pennsylvania and did his internship at Yale School of Medicine.

I guess time will tell how he’s going to change the entire organization from the top down and completely reform an utterly broken management system, which happens to have an $80B+ budget.

As I’ve said over and over, if this guy doesn’t fix the VA and quick, President-Elect Trump will be a one term President, because as Veterans we’re fed up and he made us one of his top priorities during his campaign. Fix the VA and fix it like yesterday.

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