Phoenix VA Still Plagued By Long Wait Times and Scandals, Investigators Say

After the first scandal broke about the Phoenix VA facility 3 years ago, a watchdog group announced Monday to President Obama that two independent reviews confirmed allegations brought forth by a doctor at the Phoenix facility.

va-blog-by-alex-popovicOne review, by the IG for the Department of Veteran Affairs cited the death of a veteran with heart trouble while waiting for cardiology tests that could have saved him. Furthermore, investigators found that at the Phoenix facility alone that on any given day 1,100 veterans have a longer-than-30-day wait time.

What makes things even worse is 215 veterans died at the Phoenix VA while waiting to see a specialist while the report was being drafted……unbelievable right!

Case after case has come out from the Phoenix VA alone, several whistleblowers have come forth, one of them, who happens to be a friend of mine, Brandon Coleman was marginalized, ostracized and retaliated against.

These findings present a slew of challenges for President-elect Trump, who yesterday announced his nominee, Dr. David Shulkin, for the top job at the VA and who we wrote about here.

The biggest challenge is changing decades of incompetent leadership and a mindset of “well that’s just how things are.” The fix has always been throw money at the problem and kick the can down the road.

If this problem isn’t fixed and fixed quick, President-elect Trump will be a one term President and will not get my vote when he runs again. After all, building the wall was his number one promise on the campaign trail, followed by repealing and replacing Obama Care and then taking care of our veterans.

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