Boulder Creek High School Principal Donald Trump Skit Goes Viral.


Just another example of what is being taught in our schools, this is a video of a teacher acting this way in front of her class.  What message does this send to those students?

This is by no means a political rant, nor am I going to try and convince you or attempt to sway you from your god given political belief. What this is a look into what our education system is becoming and what our “educators” are doing across all levels at our higher learning institutions.  The below video shows how divided this country has become.

When I first moved to Arizona I lived in Anthem Arizona, by Boulder Creek High School. I quickly learned it was where many rich and spoiled kids went, I’d often see on the news the drug busts by police and guns being brought to the High School.

Last Friday, the Principal, Lauren Sheahan portrayed Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s campaign manager, and another teacher acted like Donald Trump in a video that’s gone viral. The things they said reeked of bias and have no place in any learning institution. The video has since gone viral and many parents are outraged about it.  Personally, I don’t blame them one bit.

What message does it send to impressionable young teenagers? Or better yet, why would you as the principal of a High School post anything political positive or negative? What happened to being apolitical and not pushing your views on others? Ohh I guess it’s OK because you’re educated and know what’s best for all those young “loser students.”  Isn’t that what dictators do to the masses?

Some of their lines “We will build a wall around the border and keep those moron parents and weak and loser students out.” The skit went on for nearly 7 minutes.

Sheehan never got permission from the Deer Valley Unified School District and it said it did not approve of it. I believe them.

Meanwhile, Sheehan wrote “Our intent was to share it only with the staff and connect the satirical skit to our work ahead for the rest of the school year,” Sheahan wrote, adding that she was “deeply sorry to anyone who was offended.” You think!

Yep, you should have thought about that before doing such a moronic and polarizing thing. Like I’ve said over and over, our high schools and colleges have become Petrie dishes for Saul Alinsky, communist and Marxist views, that are promulgated and encouraged by the teachers and professors and pushed on young adults.

She along with the Trump impersonator were placed on administrative leave. Personally, I hope they get fired and hope the district moves swiftly and quickly to send that message.  This type of garbage has no place in schools nor do politics.

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3 Responses to Boulder Creek High School Principal Donald Trump Skit Goes Viral.

  1. A bit of leave is appropriate if they broke rules, but if they get fired they have a much better First Amendment defense than those who sued for relief under RFRA laws.

    We used to do exactly the same kind of satirical skits all through high school back in the late 1960s. Teachers and students would both perform, impersonating national, local and state office holders, or historical figures. It promoted a higher level of critical thinking. Students got credit writing about why they thought the skits did or did not work. It taught us about creativity, humor, literature, politics, and history all at the same time! Students SHOULD learn how to take sides on issues, and to be able to justify their opinions.


    • Alex Popovic says:

      Invisible Mikey,

      I’m all about politics, healthy discourse, and satirical skits so long as they’re sanctioned and for the purpose of learning. This was a complete hack job against the first and only female campaign manager to get a candidate elected to the Presidency. Had this been a class asking for such videos I’d have had no problem with it. Problem is, the school district clearly didn’t authorize this and quickly distanced itself from this unfortunate mental lapse by a higher educator and CEO of the school at that.

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  2. Debbie says:

    Does not matter if for or against Trump this is not correct way to conduct business. Not professional. Poor taste. Does not a good example for anyone. This is what is making our country look foolish. Just teach!!! Isn’t that what you are getting paid to do and what the students need.

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