Deport Guadalupe Garcia De Rayos And Any Other Illegal Alien Felon

I’m an immigrant; I came to the US in 1986, what if I told you I got in illegally, you’d probably so “I don’t care” or “No big deal” right. What if I told you I was a felon and served time in prison? Would that change your mind? Would you want me deported if I lived next door to you?

Do you know Guadalupe Garcia De Rayos? Probably not right, what if I jogged your memory by saying it was the illegal alien mother of 2 who was just deported from Phoenix? Now, do you know who it is?

guadalupe-garcia-de-rayosLet me preface this with I’m sick and tired of hearing about this story, enough already, particularly from a media who has an agenda and glosses over the facts. Let’s take a look at those facts, surrounding this illegal felon.

  • She crossed the border illegally in the 1990’s (a crime in and of itself)
  • She was arrested in 2008 in a workplace raid while using someone else’s Social Security Number (A sixth-degree felony)
  • She plead guilty to the charge
  • Because of this, she became the subject of a court-issued removal order issued during the Obama administration that she “would eventually be deported back to her home country.”
  • Her lawyer said she signed papers in 2013 acknowledging the order.
  • She has no regrets, so while she knew what she did was illegal and wrong, she still doesn’t care. That’s called not having contrition.
  • She knew that she could be subjected to deportation at any time, and just because she wasn’t under one administration, that doesn’t mean the same would happen under another one.  Common sense right.

According to the Center For Immigration Studies

  • Illegal immigrants are not “undocumented.” They have fraudulent documents such as counterfeit Social Security cards, forged drivers licenses, fake “green cards,” and phony birth certificates. Experts suggest that approximately 75 percent of working-age illegal aliens use fraudulent Social Security cards to obtain employment.
  • Illegal immigration and high levels of identity theft go hand-in-hand. States with the most illegal immigration also have high levels of job-related identity theft. In Arizona, 33 percent or all identity theft is job-related (as opposed to identity theft motivated simply by profit). In Texas it is 27 percent; in New Mexico, 23 percent; in Colorado, 22 percent; California, 20 percent; and in Nevada, 16 percent. Eight of the 10 states with the highest percentage of illegal aliens in their total population are among the top 10 states in identity theft (Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, New York, Georgia, and Colorado).
  • Illegal aliens commit felonies in order to get jobs. Illegal aliens who use fraudulent documents, perjure themselves on I-9 forms, and commit identity theft in order to get jobs are committing serious offenses and are not “law abiding.”
  • Leaders support perpetrators and ignore victims. Political, civic, religious, business, education, and media leaders blame Americans for “forcing” illegal aliens to commit document fraud and identity theft. No similar concern is expressed for the American men, women, and children whose lives are destroyed in the process.

So before I hear one more time that this is a result of President Trump (it’s been proven that it isn’t it’s a Federal Law), please stop with the rhetoric. This is the result of both parties kicking the can down the road and enabling the problem to get to where it is today.

I came here to the US legally, paid tens of thousands of dollars in fees associated with applying and subsequent attorney fees, by the time it was all over I spent over twenty thousand dollars and waited several years. But, I did it legally, so why should someone who jumps the line get to stay here or be entitled to any privileges?


Elian Gonzalez raid under President Clinton

At some point, a line in the sand has to be drawn, and this administration has, are we going to make every illegal alien felon that days top story? Remember when President Clinton sent in an armed SWAT team to recover little Elian Gonzalez out of his Florida home?

A nation flourishes when people respect the rule of law and abhor corruption in all its forms. As demonstrated by the current financial crisis, corruption can be devastating for millions of people.

Under the rule of law, when people disagree with a law, they work to change it while upholding it until such time as it is amended, abolished, or totally rewritten. However, today millions of men, women, and children are the victims of illegal-alien-driven identity theft because America’s political, civic, education, business, religious, education, and media leaders endorse and allow fraud to permeate our immigration system.

Any eventual immigration reform must recognize and compensate the victims of illegal-alien-driven identity theft while denying amnesty from these crimes to illegal aliens, regardless of whether they have previously been convicted of these crimes or not. Finally, any immigration reform has to end the corruption associated with illegal immigration.

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