Illegal Immigrant in Texas Sentenced to 8 Years In Prison For Voter Fraud

Remember when Russia hacked the last election and Democrats lost their minds’ alleging that somehow Vladimir altered the actual votes at the polling booths, well that was proven that it never happened. What has occurred though are countless instances of illegal voting and/or voter fraud by undocumented illegals, living in Sanctuary cities?

Donald Trump won the election, and I think he needs to let things be in terms of “investigating” voter fraud on the scale he’s alleging occurred. To imply that millions of illegal votes were cast is a little crazy.

However, I do believe that the number may total in the tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands if truly looked into. Take the case of a Mexican citizen, Rosa Maria Ortega, 37, who was found guilty this last Wednesday on two counts of illegal voting.

rosa-maria-ortegaA jury in Texas sentenced her to eight years in prison and a $5,000 fine and she’ll be deported after serving her sentence.   She voted in 5 elections before her registration was canceled, and she voted in the 2012 and 2014 GOP primary.

And of course, the media glosses over the story by stating the following, “in her defense, Ortega testified that she didn’t understand the differences between the rights granted to citizens and the rights granted to legal residents.” WOW!

So she’s been in the US since being brought to the US from Monterrey as an infant and didn’t know what she was doing was wrong? Hmmmmm makes you wonder how many more illegals have voted? I guess we’ll never know because over 300 US cities consider themselves “Sanctuary cities” and don’t report any information about its illegal immigrants living there, so there’s no way to really track it.

Ohhhhh and an update on the story we wrote yesterday concerning the Phoenix mother of 2 who was living here illegally and convicted felon. Recall that the media reported she used a Social Security Number that didn’t belong to anyone. Well, that was a lie, just this morning the owner of the Social Security Number, Alex Andrade of Tucson, verified it belonged to him and Garcia De Rayos stole it.

Get this; he said authorities never informed him his SSN was stolen or being used by someone else, I guess the Obama administration would go to any lengths to facilitate illegal aliens along with the leaders of these sanctuary cities, at the expense of American Citizens.

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