Has America’s Moral Compass Gone Forever?

In chemistry when a solution of a substance can no longer dissolve any more of that substance, it’s considered to be at a point of saturation. Today’s political climate seems to have reached that point, compromise sounds like a word no longer in anyone’s vocabulary and the vitriol intolerance from both sides seems to have tipped the nation’s moral compass.

Have we as a nation reached a tipping point, morally? I would proffer, “yes we have,” with the advent of social media, and a subjective media owned by political action groups and large donors, things have gotten close to the moral precipice.  We are now “told” what is true based on others’ non-impartiality, our forefathers would be very, very worried right about now.

Blue metal compassSince when has it been ok with making up completely fake stories and reporting them as fact? Since when has it been ok to have an entire industry such as the music, film and media industry be allowed to use that platform to spew hate and discontent yet any dissent by another side is considered racist?

How has our direction as a nation become lost in a fog of 24/7 back and forth by both sides who seem to dig their heels in deeper instead of focusing on where we’re going and not where we’ve been? What example does this set for the rest of the world? I should know, every country I travel to laughs at us like we’re some circus freak show with nukes and the worlds’ #1 economy. Think about that for a second.

Remember the Marine whose video went viral after explaining what things were like on the ground in Iraq about Americans being there and questioning our immigration policy? This is no different, why should any other country be democratic or strive to become more democratic, after all, it’s much easier to not pretend you’re a moral nation of laws when ours are broken over and over under the guise of democracy and politics.

Think about this, each time we push the moral goal posts further apart in terms of politics, citizen interaction, rule of law or just being human beings that respect one another, they almost never come back to where they were. And it’s this crack that turns into a large fissure that makes our collective compass become an irrelevant instrument because we sink into the hole it creates.

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