Dan Rather, Senator McCain And Media Take on Donald Trump

In an ironic twist of fate, it suddenly seems as though the media and all its elitists who work in it, are now crying that President Trump is becoming a dictator by labeling them as being fake and reporting fake news.   Heck, even Senator McCain is calling his fellow Republican President a dictator.

It’s kind of funny and humorous watching the media cry like babies about how Trump is treating them. Wait, isn’t he afforded these very rights under the 1st amendment that the media operates under? The irony is abounded less!

we-just-make-it-upNow Dan Rather, the former CBS News anchor turned media critic, says he’ll lead the charge against the “fake news.” You know the fake news that started with Dan Rather who in 2004 reported extensively on President Bush’s military failures and spread the story to other “reputable” outlets.

Well we know how that turned out, the documents were fakes and forged, and only after CBS made excuse after excuse including, get this, the documents “were fake but accurate,” that’s kind of like saying an illegal immigrant is a legal immigrant.

Rather than retire, see what I did there, Rather stayed on as lead anchor for another year after the incident which become known as “Rathergate.” Well, Rather has now launched a newsgroup called “News and Guts,” to counter the “propaganda” (his words) that the current administration is putting out.

Yep, good luck with this venture Dan, you’re only launching a news media outlet, during probably the most transitional time in US media history and at a time when the public generally distrusts the media, only 32% of the people in the US say they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media.

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