Alex Popovic Greyside Group CEO, Nexus Consulting Group Of Alexandria and Stolen Valor

I used to own a very successful Private Security Company by the name of Greyside Group. I founded it in 2003 and by 2010/2011 had landed some of the largest contracts with some of the worlds’ largest shipping companies in Europe. At our peak, we were protecting hundreds of millions of dollars in cargo and shipping transiting in and around the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean off Somalia and East Africa.


Alex Popovic (L) CEO and Founder of Greyside Group

I personally transited the Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. The picture on the right is a good friend and employee and I at a Piracy Conference in Hamburg Germany. One of our direct competitors was a company by the name of Nexus Consulting Group of Alexandria LLC. Nexus was owned and operated by a former Marine, who didn’t do much in the Corps, by the name of Kevin C. Doherty.

Nexus has apparently shut its doors down and its website is now defunct, see above link with their URL. Several Reconnaissance Marines and Scout/Snipers who worked for Mr. Doherty contacted me today informing me that he owed them over $50,000 combined and that there were probably more former employees he owed monies to.

Such a shame that men who risked their lives in High-Risk Areas to protect the interests of a company that had a fiduciary and legal responsibility to pay them didn’t. Mr. Doherty has a history of doing less than honorable things like this and with his company that I witnessed first hand.

Several years ago, he along with another Marine that worked for me as my Chief Information Officer (I can’t mention his name in public due to settlement agreements after my lawsuit against him, however, apparently he goes by a name of (Marko Christobal) so it doesn’t violate that settlement agreement, helped perpetuate fake claims of stolen valor against me on the Internet.

Marko even bragged about how great a company Nexus was to work for on his blog, writing a piece on “using reputable” security providers.  It’s real reputable not paying your employees.  I guess Marko and Kevin are two peas in a pod and cut from the same cloth.

This complete rubbish claimed that I had a bio that stated I was awarded a Silver Star and Purple Heart. My actual bio is attached. Notice the subtle differences of what my actual one said compared to the one floating around on the Internet, that’s fake.

These men, who are owed tens of thousands of dollars, along with attorney’s and other government entities are contacting me about Nexus Consulting Group and Mr. Kevin Doherty.   If memory serves me correctly there are numerous records and pictures that have been meticulously kept over the years.

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