Meltdowns While Drinking and Typing They Don’t Mesh

Just like drinking and driving is a bad thing, so is drinking and typing and posting things on the Internet.  I read a lot of books, partly for school and partly because of my passion for understanding things about life, situations, and history.  One thing I’ve learned is, don’t do either.

Imagine if your world evolved around Facebook or the Internet in general, you’re a self-proclaimed “Google” god that can destroy anyone’s reputation online and can “hack” anyone you want when you want and people finally saw you for what you are.  A keyboard tough guy.

drinking-and-typingTough guys come and go, we’ve seen them all since we were children with the playground bully right.  Once he’s gone, then everyone immediately comes out of the woodwork about stuff he/she used to do, or how they really felt about him/her.

A recent meltdown by one such tough guy who’s been losing his whole life, but in his mind is “winning” (kinda sounds like Charlie Sheen), finally showed his true colors to an entire community, who already knew who he was, a pathetic narcissist hell bent on destroying others online, both in business and personally.

I sleep well every night, knowing the bullshit Stolen Valor that has been floating around the Internet about me, shows the lengths some will go to to make themselves feel better.  Anyone with a high school education and skillful enough to turn a computer on can see the completely fabricated bullshit about me on the Internet about Stolen Valor is just that…..Bullshit!!!!  Now go get your shoe shine box.

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