Dierks Bentley Whiskey Row Restaurant Denies Entry To US Marine Veteran

I’m not a big fan of what modern country music has become, maybe I’m more old school because I grew up with a father who listened to Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash’s of the world.

My wife, on the other hand, loves the modern day Luke Bryan’s, Brad Paisely’s and Dierks Bentley. Country music, in general, has always had a connection with us veterans, perhaps because country music speaks so much to patriotism, family values, and Americana.

As a veteran living here in Phoenix, the 5th largest city in the US, and who works closely with veterans in Real Estate and business, I believe in giving back to those that gave so much for our freedoms.  I definitely know not to judge a veteran family buying a home because one or both spouses have tattoos.  Do you know how much business I’d lose if I arbitrarily said “sorry I can’t work with you because of your neck or hand tattoos.”

Brandon Andrus Dierks Bentley Whiskey Row

Brandon Andrus, hugs his son with 22 tattooed on his neck to honor the 22 veterans committing suicide daily in the U.S.

Recently, a US Marine Corps veteran (with 2 tours in Iraq) was humiliated last Wednesday night when he was denied entrance into a Whiskey Row restaurant, owned and operated by Dierks Bentley into his new Gilbert Restaurant named Dierks Bentley.

Brandon Andrus, was turned away with family members because he had the number “22” tattooed on his neck to honor the 22 veterans taking their lives daily across the nation.

According to Andrus “they thought I was going to cause trouble,” talk about stereotyping right!

Robyn Moore, a spokeswoman for Riot Hospitality of Scottsdale, which operates three Whiskey Row restaurants owned and operated by Dierks Bentley and named after him, said: “the company was upholding a policy recommended by police.” Remember he’s from here and loves making money off them, but won’t allow “certain”vets into them.

So, Richard Park, a Phoenix resident called the Gilbert Police Department, who told him the following: “the police department recommends that companies formulate policies that they feel will make it a safe environment for their circumstances.”

So now you’re trying to throw blame on the Police Department and not accept the fact that it’s your policy and you’ve also been caught in a lie trying to defuse a PR nightmare.

Apparently, if Whiskey Row made an exception for Andrus, then “we would need to make an exception for everyone,” she went on to further say.

So let me get this straight, your policy is to allow no one with a neck tattoo in and how visible is considered visible? What if someone wore a jacket, took it off, and a tattoo peered out a little over the collar, would you escort them out after they spent several hundred dollars in your restaurant?

As a veteran in the community, I hope this hits you where it hurts best Whiskey Row, in your wallet. This is going to become a PR nightmare and mark my words it will spread like wildfire about what you did, and already has via local news.

The balls in your court, I know one thing though, I’ve never been to one of your places and now never will and I’ll do everything in my power and veteran network to spread the word about what you’re doing to those that sacrificed the most, our veterans.

Alex Popovic is a US Marine Force Reconnaissance and Scout/Sniper veteran.

You can follow Alex Popovic on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

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3 Responses to Dierks Bentley Whiskey Row Restaurant Denies Entry To US Marine Veteran

  1. Melissa klimek says:

    I totally agree with Alex on this. Tattoos shouldn’t matter. I know church going people that are some of the worst when it comes to being judge mental and about tattoos, but not a restaurant. And it shouldn’t matter. He doesn’t look like a gangster. He is clean cut and had his family with him his children shouldn’t have to see that.

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  2. Sonya Woodall says:

    This sickens me!!! I actually liked Bentley’s music and to read this completely makes me SICK!!!.. Only the Good Lord Above is suppose to judge, NOT Resturants!!.. I mean, REALLY?!?!.. This man sacrificed himself for our freedom and was denied and embarrassed to go in with his family, non the less, to eat because of tattoos!!!!.. 😡😡😡 I have tattoos and my church never turned me away, nor any Resturants!! How dare they make such a policy, especially if he was well dressed!!! I’ll be sure to SPREAD the word!!!.. 😡😡😡😡😡

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  3. Cathy Bradley says:

    I am a church going person. Some of those in the band and who speak…have tattoos. Please do not stereo type me just because of others. Thats starting to upset me, as I hear it so much. Ive been thinking of getting one myself for some time. I could care less about tattoos. It’s who you are that matters. Sorry I just HAD to get that out. That being said….this seriously makes me angry! My father was Army, my son is Marines. Our Armed Services stand up for our country. The least we can do is stand behind them. I’ll be sharing this.

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