Obama Administration Surveilled Trump Transition Team And Leaked Names to Press

Earlier this afternoon, House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., traveled to the White House to inform President Donald Trump that the intelligence community “incidentally collected” communications of the Trump transition team during legal surveillance of foreign targets.

Before we go any further, let me preface this piece with the following, unless you’ve held a security clearance higher than a Top Secret SCI with a poly and read on capabilities you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. I held such a clearance for almost 7 years and know what the intelligence community can do and does regularly with regards to US citizens “swept” up in surveillance operations.

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President Donald Trump

Recall in a previous blog that I wrote when I stated the following “It’s a pretty big accusation to say what Donald Trump said, however, I’ve said all along, this guys’ intelligence and what he says is always spot on. Let me be clear, he says some off the wall crazy stuff, but when it comes to going after his opponents he waits patiently, gathers his Intel and fires his bullets.”

This revelation confirms what President Trump said earlier this month and completely contradicts what FBI Director James Comey testified to earlier this week, when he adamantly stated, that he had no evidence to support Trump’s claims.

So the leader of the world’s premier investigative unit that is charged with surveillance and counter-surveillance of foreign agents, didn’t know that this “accidental” collection, of at least one US citizen and perhaps more, occurred?

For those that don’t know a FISA warrant is only applied for and granted for surveillance and if a US citizen’s name is mentioned, it must by law be masked or blackened out.  And Rep. Nunes said the surveillance collection was “legally collected foreign intelligence under FISA incidental collection.”  Which begs the question, which US citizen/s was the Intelligence Community conducting surveillance on?  Could it have been President Elect Trump or people on his transition team?

Recall that several days before leaving office President Obama allowed intelligence agencies to share any and all intelligence information, an unprecedented act, which means the transcript of the surveillance being conducted on an unknown foreign national, and not Russian, was openly shared and passed among who knows who.  And that information would have definitely been seen by top Obama Administration officials and the former President too.

Is it any wonder how the entire Democratic party started with “Trump has ties with Russians” and the “Russians tainted the election?”

White House spokesman, Sean Spicer said “the NSA had been “very helpful” during the investigation, however, he was unsure if “the FBI is going to comply.”

Recall it was previously reported that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was “unmasked” in this way, but Nunes said “additional names” were unmasked as well.”

So more people, presumably in President Trump’s camp, have been unmasked and fed to the media as Mike Flynn was. Remember, Mike Flynn was the former director of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and if you don’t think the leaking of his name was retribution from people within the intelligence community, then go back up and read what I stated in the second paragraph of this blog.

It is becoming glaringly obvious, that the unmasking of names was done by persons with access to this highly sensitive and classified information and definitely from within the Intelligence Community.

Now it’s not such a far stretch to say that people within President Obama’s cabinet, people like Ben Rhodes or Valerie Jarret could have passed this along to the former President and further passed it along to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Like I said earlier, just because people within the Intelligence community are precluded from unmasking names or speaking with reporters about the Trump campaign doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and actually their own reporting proves it did.

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