Deedra Abboud CAIR Executive Director Runs For US Senate Against Jeff Flake

Deedra Abboud is a Phoenix attorney, community activist, advocate for women’s rights and a democrat running against Senator Jeff Flake (R), AZ in 2018.

Abboud, 45, formally announced her candidacy this morning at 10.30 am in downtown Phoenix surrounded by family, friends and supporters.

Deedra Abboud

Notice the upside down AZ flag behind Abboud

Abboud said the following “The journey that I have decided to take on today is not just for the people who look like me or sound like me, but for all Arizonans,” Abboud told onlookers. “Because we cannot continue to go backwards on this path that weakens our children’s education, strips health care from people who need it the most, locking up and breaking up families, and, once again, empowering big banks that caused the worst housing crisis in Arizona.

During her 15 minute speech, the Arizona flag was hung upside down, and her campaign quickly said it wasn’t a political statement.

In a 2006 interview, she defended her husband’s right to have up to four wives.  She used to be a southern baptist Christian who converted to Islam and married her Iraqi husband.  She also doesn’t believe that Jesus could be the son of God.

During the Danish cartoon controversy, you know the one that caused radical’s to go on a killing spree worldwide, she said she “didn’t understand the fuss over the controversy.”  Her press release said otherwise:  “The [Danish] paper wanted to instigate trouble by disrespecting Muslims from the very beginning,” she wrote in an e-mail to local media on February 9.” Well now we also know she speaks out of both sides of her mouth and will say whatever “needs to be heard,” but truly believes something else.

Kelli Ward of Lake Havasu is likely to challenge Flake for the second time, however, Abboud is the first Democrat to formally run against Flake, who I believe needs to go along with Senator John McCain.

Abboud is the founder of an organization called the Global Institute of Solution Oriented Leadership and the recipient of the Martin Luther King Award in Tempe and Phoenix, according to the short bio that accompanied the news advisory about her Senate candidacy. As a lawyer, she focuses on immigration and estate planning.

In 2003, Abboud helped open the first Arizona office of the (CAIR) Council on American-Islamic Relations. She was the group’s local executive director at the time. Yes that CAIR, with ties to radical Islamists.

“When 9/11 shook our country to the core, I became an advocate,” Abboud said Monday. “Not just because Muslims were facing anger and fearmongering, but because I am an American. Because I have always believed in our compassion and our strength in our country that can come together.”

Dr. Kelli Ward you’ve gotta win this go round, for our state’s sake.  (Update since this blog:  While back then I was in favor of Dr. Kelli Ward after her recent statement about Senator McCain, I have decided to pull my support for her.  For an educated doctor you sure said a really stupid thing and at the worst time.  You had this and just lost it because of a really stupid statement.)

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12 Responses to Deedra Abboud CAIR Executive Director Runs For US Senate Against Jeff Flake

  1. Paul Fitch says:

    I certainly hope that the voters of Arizona have learned their lesson. Last time they voted for a RINO who is trying to push the country into WW III. Flake needs to be beaten in the primary and the voters will have a choice of an American or a member of the “religion of peace”. Maybe even the voters of Arizona will be able to see which is the better choice. God help the democrats. This is the best they can do? Oh, forgot about Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, Schumer, Reid (now retired, thank God) and a whole plethora of mindless socialists bent on destroying the goose that is laying their golden eggs. Sad, really sad!


    • Kenneth L.Atkinson Sr says:

      That moslem is aginst everything that our country is built upon.These people have no serious allegence to our Constitution and Bill Of Rights.
      Thier Idealogy is the Sheriah law set of laws which will be AGIN, outlawed in our country.


  2. I agree with the article except for 1 thing:
    In a 2006 interview, she defended her husband’s right to have up to four wives. She used to be a southern baptist Christian who converted to Islam and married her Iraqi husband. She also doesn’t believe that Jesus could be the son of God.
    I do not agree with her husbands right to have 4 wives. The question I have is it necessary to believe that jesus is the son of G-d to be a U.S. Senator? I do not see how a muslim can be a leader in our country since Islam is not compatible with the US Constitution.


    • kymmi600 says:

      Actually, our constitution says that we will adopt NO RELIGION. So if you’re saying she can’t be Muslim and hold office you are 100% incorrect.


      • Alex Popovic says:

        Kymmi you are exactly correct about what the constitution says. No where in my blog did I say she can’t hold office because of being a muslim or any religon for that matter. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog, follow along if you like.


  3. Christy says:

    Janet – “Islam is incompatible with the US Constitutionis a completely ignorant statement, particularly coupled with the implication that Christianity, as it has been practiced, is compatible. Faith communities, like our Constitution, evolve. Christianity has been used to deny citizens their Constitutional rights in this country since its birth to present day. Yes, Janet, people from faiths other than Christianity not only can, but SHOULD be Senators. A diverse group of representatives for a diverse body of citizens.


    • JE Bert says:

      You are devoid of any tangible brain matter


    • Del Robey says:

      You are exactly what is wrong with our country. NO Muslim should ever be elected to ANY position of government in America. Muslim I’d NOT a Religion..IT Is an Ideology, that does NOT belong in America. So do not vote for this woman, under any circumstances…. Period.


  4. A vote for Abboud is a nail in every Infidels coffin. Remember if you do not convert to Islam then Islamists have the right to kill you. How peaceful is that you ignorant people.


  5. Ron says:

    Democrat? Muslim? Are you nuts ? Arizona would NEVER vote for this garbage! Kelly Ward 100% for Senate!


  6. D.H.Fronheuser says:

    No to Deedra, Yes to Kelli Ward


  7. Brutuss100 says:

    If she hates our county so much, how in the hell did she get her citizenship? If she doesn’t really have it, how is she running for office?


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