Phoenix Police Arrest Serial Street Shooter


Aaron Juan Saucedo, suspect in Serial Shooting case in Phoenix.  Picture courtesy of Phoenix Police Photos

After almost 2 years and 12 shootings that killed nine people and wounded two others, Phoenix Police announced today that they arrested Aaron Juan Saucedo and charged him with first-degree murder in a killing not originally linked to the string of shootings that had the city on edge for almost two years.

Saucedo is the suspect in at least 12 shootings and faces 27 felony charges including aggravated assault and drive-by-shootings.

He was the same person who was declared a person of interest in the case last month.

The reward on the case got as high as $75,000 and police said the received more than 3,300 tips in the case.

The map below shows where the shootings occurred and mainly in the city’s Maryvale section, a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood on Phoenix’s west side.

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One Response to Phoenix Police Arrest Serial Street Shooter

  1. Angela Rankl says:

    The OBVIOUS QUESTION remains – was he an ILLEGAL ALIEN or a kin of an ILLEGAL ALIEN that infest our country to a huge degree???


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