The Downward Spiral Of Markus Christobal

What if I told you this was a satirical parody about a person who’s a legend in his own mind?  What if I told you this a journey into sight and sound and this person is a completely fictional character?  Well, they are just that, fictional!

How many of you have seen Batman, the good one with Christian Bale?  Remember the scene with Alfred, when he’s explaining to Batman about what makes people like the Joker tick and he says’s “some men just want to watch the world burn.”  Well, this person is like that.

Marko ChristobalImagine being the worst of the worst narcissists, someone who would brag about killing innocent people in war by putting food out by friendly lines while deployed overseas in a compound that you never left while everyone else did; Rangers, SEAL’s and Special Forces who were out in the thick of things.  I guess that little red, blue and yellow Combat Action Ribbon means you’re a badass and became the center of your world.  Pathetic really, when your service is defined by the ribbons you garnered.

I guess if you don’t have a Navy Achievement Medal, one didn’t achieve anything during his/her service, or a Navy Commendation Medal, then one did nothing commendable.  What if you failed SEAL training,  that would have put you in the thick of things as 9-11 happened and you missed being a part of SOF-like never before?  The “what if” itch must be really gnawing huh? Ringing that bell must have really sucked, I bet you hear it daily. Ding, ding….Ding, ding….Ding, ding.

What if you saw all your friends and former colleagues going off to fight the good fight in what has become America’s longest war?  That itch constantly nagging you as you now work in corporate America unable to contribute in some way shape or form. Instead, you become a self-proclaimed “Google God.”  Or so you think?

What if your moral compass starts becoming skewed at some point during this time, or was it always that way since you came out of the womb and you’re just an evil, ugly person at the core, someone who “just wants to watch the world burn?”

What if you became so enraged you started becoming more “educated” or so you thought and you start thinking you’re better than others in business, and life in general?  You start trying to take what isn’t legally or rightfully yours, you begin losing your ass in lawsuit after lawsuit.  You start hiding behind academia and blogs and making peoples’ and business lives difficult by lashing out with unsubstantiated blogs, accusations, and self-delusional social media justice.  You’re an online bully!  After all “You can hack peoples’ lives” and “destroy them online.”

What if you made fun of and took advantage of Mormon business owners, belittling their religion in front of others after the fact and how stupid they were in settling with you?  What if you made up fake stolen valor claims about others and jumped up and down so loudly within a community in an effort to say “Hey everyone, look he’s a valor thief,” when in reality you completely fabricated it and tried destroying honorable service? Tick, tock, tick, tock, all your transgressions are slowly adding up.

You begin bragging about what you can do and what you’ve done, people smile at you with an apprehensive smile, deep down they feel sorry for you and think “how pathetic.”  Your world becomes the bottle and you’re losing your family and friends, but you’re still telling yourself “we’re playing the game my way,” and ” I’m winning”  What a joke!

I guess life has a way of putting people like you in check and at some point, it decides enough is enough, maybe putting an end to it all would be the best thing for all concerned?  Now your run-ins with the law are starting to become more frequent, you’re missing work and slipping and your employer is onto you, things are unraveling at a fast pace and the end is near.  But then again it’s always been coming, and all by your own doing.

When you’re the result of an outlaw biker and prostitute I guess this was inevitable really.  You’re a cancer that’s slowly done its own thing for too long, screwed up and messed over too many lives and now it’s time to cut it out and send it on its way. Imagine if someone like this actually existed, I’d hate to be that person, their world forever changed because of recent events.  Now go grab your shoe shine box.

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