OJ Simpson Paroled, I Give Him 5 Years Till He Goes Back To Prison

I used to be cop for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department after I got out of the Marine Corps right before 9-11.   Actually, the morning of 9-11 we just started firearms training and there was talk we were going to get deputized early during that fog of war.

This said, my Sergeant that took over my squad when he became a newly minted Sergant came from the dark world of undercover work.  He was a cuban who looked like he was Italian and worked deep, deep undercover for all the Fed cases in the valley when it came to major drug interdiction.  He did it for almost 9 years and led a double life i.e. his assumed identity the feds gave him and his real life were the thing movies are made of.

O.J. Simpson arrives for his parole hearing at Lovelock Correctional Centre in Lovelock

Picture courtesy of CBS news

Ok, so what’s this got to do with OJ….fast forward 5 years after I left the department and that Sergeant was now the Sergant in charge of the robbery division.  He’s the one who got called out to the casino after OJ Simpson robbed people at gunpoint and kidnapped them (held them against their will).  I remember him calling me, “Pop, we got the Juice and he’s fucked.”

Today I watched the same guy get paroled after 9 years for that crime, try to explain that it wasn’t him but others, and try to downplay what he did that day.  Much like during his trial, you know the one where he almost cut his wife’s head after slashing her throat as his kids slept in the bedroom and stabbed her male companion over 20+ times, but that got him off?  Florida I’d be seriously worried if this guy moved in anywhere within 5 miles of where you live.

Remember what this nut job said today.  I’ve basically led a conflict free life.  Really?  You’re whole life has been marred by nothing but conflict.  I guess beating on women is cool and that’s what tough guys do right?  Until you can’t beat on her anymore then you slit her throat so violently that you almost sever her head.

OJ Simpson Alex Popovic blog 2

Nicole Brown Simpson After Beating By OJ Simpson

Simpson, is the worst of the worst sociopaths and narcissists.  He’s out on parole, but the terms and conditions of that parole place restrictions on his actions while outside of prison.  He’s the type of guy that can not step on his own d**k.  I give him 5 years before he’s back in prison for parole violation.  I’m not a betting man, OK, actually I am and have been barred from 4 casinos in Vegas for supposedly counting cards (which isn’t illegal in Vegas), who’s willing to bet me otherwise?

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