Nexus Consulting Group Alexandria, Owned by Kevin Doherty Doesn’t Pay Employees. His Friend Marko Christobal Hailed Him as a Reputable Company

As previously mentioned in a blog piece I wrote here, I used to own a very, very successful Private Security Company (PSC) and had landed some of the largest private sector security contracts with several of Europe’s largest shipping companies.  By 2011 during the height of Somali Pirate attacks against ships transiting in and around the Gulf of Aden, Greyside Group protected hundreds of millions of dollars of cargo and ships.

Kevin Doherty Nexus Consulting

Kevin Doherty Nexus Consulting Group

During this time there was a industry wide state of flux, between shipping companies, private security companies that were opening up daily and their impact on the global movement of trade and goods in and around some of the most vital shipping lanes in the world.  One of our competitors, Nexus Consulting Group Alexandria was constantly pulling less than ethical business practices and we actually sent them a cease and desist and almost sued them.

Kevin Doherty, Nexus’ founder CEO or whatever the hell his title was, along with his friend Marko Christobal, started this whole stolen valor claim circulating around the internet about me.  Let me be clear, I’ve never been awarded a Silver Star or Purple Heart.  Here’s my actual bio and not the BS cirulating around 2 other blogs and the internet.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 5.00.08 PM

Negative Reviews of Nexus Consulting Not Paying Monies Owed to Employees

Over the last several months I’ve been contacted by Marines and other service members who worked for Kevin Doherty, the one man show of Nexus Consulting Group, who called to ask me if my old security company Greyside Group was still open and looking for employees?  I just receieved a message from a former employee of Nexus Consulting who is owed $19,800.00 by Doherty.

This brings the total, that I’ve been made aware of, that he owes backpay to men who served in High Risk Areas come in at a whoping $80,000.00+.  Check out the unbeliveable dismal reviews, or just look at the above picture,  for Nexus and Kevin Doherty from people who worked for him.

Then there’s his butt buddy, Marko Christobal, and self procalimed Google God, who’s held podcasts for him, blogged for him and even worked for him after he was let go from Greyside Group as it’s CTO, I sued him and 3 other individuals after their failed takeover of my company.

The ironic thing is Kevin Doherty actually published and spoke about hiring a “reputable” security provider as if he was some industry voice and Subject Matter Expert discussing how many industry participants were operating fly by night operations.  It’s really reputable to owe almost, if not more than, six figures back pay to former employees huh, you scumbag!

I guess going out personally on transits while you’re the CEO to save the company money in order to stave off the bleeding from the monies it owed to several contractors didn’t work.  I have personally been contacted by Law Enforcement sources and several former employees.  The chickens have come to roost my friend.  Some very interesting things are about to happen to you and your buddy Marko, so don’t try and avoid the process server/s.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.08.57 AMIn the end Nexus Consulting Group Alexandria, ended up being nothing than a personal slush fund for Kevin Doherty who did so by squandering monies owed to good men, veterans mind you and fellow Marines, who put their lives on the line for you and your company you scumbag bottom dweller.

Yep, you see Kevin Doherty was a POG Marine, who screwed over other Marines including fellow Recon and Scout/Sniper brothers, along with another fellow Marine (Marko Christobal) who vouched up and down, even blogged for about how Kevin and Nexus were the tip of the spear ethically and business wise.  These two assclowns have had a propensity for unethical practices and generally being huge shitbags.

Any shipping companies thinking of using Nexus or if you have any questions regarding their operations please contact me.  As for a reputable company operating in Anti-Piracy operations in and around the Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and Somalia, Nexus/Nexus Consulting Group Alexandria was by far one of the worst and most dishonest companies that worked in the Anti-Piracy and Private Security industry.

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