Stolen Valor Fratricide

Check out my latest blog (over at that just went live and is garnering quite a bit of attention.  In it I discuss veterans who have been falsely accused of Stolen Valor and the implications it has on the veteran community and the veterans themselves.

As someone who was falsely accused on another veterans blog about Stolen Valor, I can speak from experience about it.  In my case a word document biography was locked as a PDF file and then distributed by a former employee to 2 blog sites.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 12.53.39 PM

Alex Popovic reaching out to Jug Burkett with Stolen Valor that helped perputuate fake stolen valor claims against him.  No return call or contact

Everything they purported is complete BS and everything they said they’d do hasn’t been done in an effort to get the story right and then verify its accuracy.  No FOIA request, never contacted me to ask “Hey is this you” and “can you explain this?”  One claimed my story was going to go on the local news, yep you guessed right didn’t happen.

Their source, an “anonymous female,” that met me while I owned several Subway Franchises, the last of which I sold in 2008.  So she met me sometime between 2004 and 2008 (time I owned my Subway stores), sat on the story for over four years (2008-2012, blog was published June, 2012), she then approached This Ain’t Hell (Blog making up this crap) with a bio that was on my new companies website (none of the company executives had bio’s or resumes on the site) a quick check of way back machine can verify that, and that’s your source?  LMAO

After I sued 3 guys in AZ Federal court who tried taking my company over and they turned over all their interests and left over $2M in Greyside Group then 3 months later this BS bio shows up, claiming that I was awarded a Silver Star and Purple Heart?  One of the guys sued is a self-proclaimed Google god who hacks people’s’ lives and can destroy anyones reputation online.   Can you smell the BS and who started this Stolen Valor crap?  One guess….yep you guessed it, the google god and his cohorts I sued.

And then there’s fellow “operators” in my community who’ve never met me but know other guys who know and served with me through one or two degress of seperation and actually helped spread this fake BS and continue to do so.  Take for example Todd Smallenberg (board member at the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation), he’s the admin on a private FB Force Recon page, or Matt Salumo a 1st Recon guy, Jerod Johnson owner of STA Training Group, who’s in over his head with the feds about playing cop, the list goes on and on.  Todd Smallenberg, who I’ve never met, put’s out a “BOLO” (Be On the Look Out) and links one of these BS blogs on the private recon community page on FaceBook.  I private message him and he says “X” and “X” told me it was true so it must be, some “operator” huh?

If you believe that time line and story which has more holes in it than a French hooker eating Swiss cheese, then I’ve got some ocean front property to sell you in AZ.

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