This Ain’t Hell Blog founder dead of Heart Attack. Bye Bye bottom dweller

It came to my attention that John Lilyea (a former army vet), and founder of the blog This Ain’t Hell (now gone and no longer active) passed away recently due to a heart attack, he also had a long (and hopefully painful) battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

This is the same guy who under his watch on his blog falsely accused me, and several other veterans, of Stolen Valor.  He never corroborated it, never contacted me about it, never conducted a FOIA inquiry, never revealed his “anonymous” sources and would never respond to me trying to speak to him about his BS character hit job on my reputation.  A former employee of mine talked him into posting it, kinda sounds like CNN or the NYT #FakeNews

Huge story right, an actual Force Reconnaissance Marine and Marine Scout/Sniper telling anonymous women in his Subways that he was a silver star and PH recipient! Lilyea has allowed it to remain there for over 6 years with the other actual valor thieves and bottom dwellers he did expose and stands by his BS story.

Let me be clear, I was never awarded the Silver Star or Purple Heart, nor have I personally ever claimed it, and any blog stating I said that or is spreading around a fake bio about me claiming that is full of s**t!

He’s made several errors over the years and did some pretty irreparable damage to real vets and their reputations via bad information, poor research, inserting opinion instead of facts and just shoddy work in general.

His blog though, had enough Google juice to make these people’s lives he falsely accused turn upside down. Since his death, the blog is now gone, at least the domain name is no longer active.  My title, he (well not him but his #2 man who goes by TSO and whose real name is Mark Seavey, he is a veteran and the sites lawyer) labeled me under, was Subway Sandwich Shop Commando.  That’s a great title BTW…thank you!

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 4.56.06 PM

While I have never wished a man dead, I have read some obituaries with great pleasure. This one tops that list.  I don’t foresee this blog being able to stick around much longer, their mounting legal bills and the fact that they were banned from being viewed in Iraq and other theaters of combat says about all you need to know about their BS content that they compromised by allowing BS accusations like those about me to remain on their site.  In the immortal words of Curly Bill in Tombstone…..”Well, bye.” Doucherocket.

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