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ESPN, Extra Stupid Political Network Has Become a Far Left Mouthpiece For Democrats

What if I told you there used to be a TV network that was devoted to sports?  What if I went further and said it was on 24 hours a day and covered almost every sport and globally?  Most guys … Continue reading

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Comey’s “Columbia Professor” Friend Who Leaked Memo Identified

In a stunning admission, fired FBI Director James Comey told a Senate committee on Thursday that he was behind the leak of a memo he wrote that stated “Donald Trump asked me to stem the investigation of former National Security … Continue reading

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Russian To Judgement

There’s a saying in Russian (Болтуна язык до добра не доведёт) that literally means “The tongue will bring the chatterer no good.”  Since our 45th President was duly elected there has been a lot of chatter about Russia and that … Continue reading

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Susan Rice, Obama Admin Ambassador Is Who Unmasked Trump Team Names

I wrote about the Trump Transition team being wiretapped and unmasked previously and specifically spoke about Ben Rhodes or Valerie Jarrett being persons likely to have exposed names of Trump team members who were collected during wiretaps of foreign nationals … Continue reading

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Lt. Gen Mike Flynn, Trump’s Former National Security Advisor Files Paperwork As a Foreign Agent

On Thursday, Lt. Gen Mike Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former National Security advisor, admitted via a filing with the Department of Justice that he was a lobbyist for the Muslim country of Turkey. The filing, ostensibly done by a lawyer … Continue reading

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NSA And President Obama Accused Of Perpetrating Wire Taps on Donald Trump

I’m Slavic and actually speak Russian, I’ve said all along, the most notorious gangs of any in the world are the Russians, that said, all this talk about wiretaps and hacking of servers got me thinking, one, and two, the … Continue reading

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Dan Rather, Senator McCain And Media Take on Donald Trump

In an ironic twist of fate, it suddenly seems as though the media and all its elitists who work in it, are now crying that President Trump is becoming a dictator by labeling them as being fake and reporting fake … Continue reading

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Boulder Creek High School Principal Donald Trump Skit Goes Viral.

UPDATE!!!! Just another example of what is being taught in our schools, this is a video of a teacher acting this way in front of her class.  What message does this send to those students? This is by no means … Continue reading

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Trumps Top VA Secretary Picks Withdraw Themselves As Nominees

According to the Military Times the top two considerations for the Secretary of Veteran Affairs position within the Trump cabinet have bailed. As if it couldn’t get any worse for the beleaguered organization, it seems as though the front-runners (Luis … Continue reading

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Phoenix VA Gets New Director, 6th One In 2.5 Years.

You’d think this type of stuff couldn’t be made up, much less be real, however, the Phoenix VA is getting a new director, the sixth one in just the last 2.5 years. The Department of Veterans Affairs has named RimaAnn … Continue reading

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