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Subway $5 Footlong Lawsuit Gets Tossed by Judge

I used to own several Subway Franchises and actually did very well with my business model I chose and how I operated them.  Some have even called me a Subway Sandwich Shop Commando (and even blogged that I had a … Continue reading

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Scout/Snipers, Lightning Bolts and Nazi Symbols

An article I recently wrote for SpotterUp.com is garnering quite a bit of attention.  It’s a 2 part article about the misconcpetion of the dual lightning bolts Scout/Snipers often painted, used, got tattooed or in some cases branded on themselves.  Thanks … Continue reading

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Marine Military Academy Preparatory High School And Its Influence on Me.

At the very bottom of Texas, down by South Padre Island and the Mexican border lies an institution that was founded over 50 years ago at the former Harlingen Army Airfield base aptly named Marine Military Academy. The Marine Military Academy … Continue reading

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Alex Popovic brought on as writer for Spotter Up blog.

I had the privilege recently of having an article I wrote be featured in a blog named Spotter Up; you can read the article here. A friend and fellow Scout/Sniper Dave Devaney, who is a featured writer, introduced me to … Continue reading

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USMC veteran Alex Popovic appears On Local News Channel In Search Of Heart Felt Note

This past Monday night was just like any other, the weekend was over, it was time to shop and stock up for the upcoming week, and my wife’s favorite show was on, The Voice. We decided to send our daughter … Continue reading

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They died defending a far off piece of real estate

I wrote about this several years ago and thought it prudent to repost it again. Today marks the tenth anniversary that my former brother-in-law and good friend were killed in the same vehicle in Iraq.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 … Continue reading

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Welcome to Alex Popovic’s blog

Hi and welcome to the long-awaited blog of and by Alex Popovic.  This blog has been a long time coming, and it’s finally here.  It’ll be about any thing and everything, from politics, food recipes and food porn (look that … Continue reading

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