Alex Popovic Hired as Regional Vice President with The Richman Group

Alex Popovic, was just brought on as the Regional Vice President for Richman Group to oversee all multifamily development for Arizona.

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Alex Popovic brought on as Director of Land Acquistions at P.B. Bell

Alex Popovic was recently brought on as Director of Land Acquisitions

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Alex Popovic Commercial Real Estate Broker and Developer at various events throughout Phoenix Arizona

I was recently going through some pictures and decided to post a collage of different events and venues that I’ve been honored to be a part of throughout the United States whilst invovled in commercial real estate and development.

Many were at ASU W.P. Carey School of Business events or during the Masters in Real Estate Development program.

One was with Senator John McCain, exactly one year before his tragic passing. What an honor and privilege that was.

Alex Popovic attending Phoenix who's who in Commercial Real Estate
Alex Popovic attending Phoenix who’s who in Commercial Real Estate
Alex Popovic attending ASU. W.P. Carey School of Business Scholarship award for Commerical Real Estate
Alex Popovic attending ASU W.P. Carey Scholarship awards ceremony
Alex Popovic and Cary Pena attending Phoenix State of Commercial Real Estate
Alex Popovic and Cary Pena attending Phoenix Commercial Real Estate event
Alex Popovic and Senator John McCain one year before his tragic passing.  At ASU W.P. Carey School of Business discussing Commerical Real Estate
Alex Popovic and Senator John McCain at ASU W.P. Carey School of Business
Alex Popovic and Grady Gammage ASU W.P. Carey School of Business
Alex Popovic attending Commercial Land Use attorney event at Gammage and Burnham

Alex Popovic at Urban Land Institute Los Angeles to speak about topics in Commercial Real Estate
Alex Popovic ULI Los Angeles Commercial Event

You can follow Alex Popovic on Twitter,  Instagram and LinkedIn

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Kevin Doherty, Founder of Nexus Consulting Group Sentenced to 9 Years in Federal Prison For Shooting Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist Jack Burkman

Last night I was watching a show called Death, Lies and the Internet, about the murder of Seth Rich, the DNC intern that was murdered in July 2016 in Washington D.C. His murder quickly became the thing of conspiracy theorists, who postulated it was committed by Hillary Clinton operatives, because he was going to leak information to Wikileaks.

Kevin Doherty Founder of Nexus Consulting Group of Alexandria

Somewhere in this tragic story a name I’m very familiar with popped up. About 12 years ago, while CEO of the company I founded, Greyside Group, we began having major legal run ins with one of my direct competitors, a company by the name of Nexus Consulting Group of Alexandria founded and run by Kevin Doherty. Here he is claiming in a Press Release that Nexus had exclusive contracts with European shipping companies when it was really Greyside Group that did.

How I never heard that he was indicted for multiple felonies and began serving a federal prison sentence back in 2018 is startling, and not surprising but I digress.

What I’m about to disclose has never been made public, except in courts of law. Back in 2011 Greyside Group landed some of the largest and lucrative shipping contracts for armed security valued at close to $100m to protect their vessels against Somali pirate attacks. Upon discovering this, someone I’d never heard of before, or met, by the name of Kevin Doherty began disparaging myself, my company, and our employees. We had to send him several cease-and-desist letters and almost sued him for tortious interference. Here’s the actual contract we signed to protect hundreds of vessels

You see Kevin was also in the security space with his company, which was so poorly run and managed that he couldn’t maintain any functioning operations and to this day owes contractor’s, many former US military Special Operators, tens of thousands of dollars in back pay. From illegally purchased weapons, no insurance for his contractors to not being able to fly men home, his entire company was basically a jalopy waiting for the wheels to come off.

Kevin Doherty Nexus Not Paying Employees Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Enter a former executive from my company, who goes by the name Christobal Marko. This douche rocket and I previously served in the same military unit. He went on and tried to become a Navy SEAL but quit and had to ring the bell. He went on to work in the financial sector.

So what does this have to do with Kevin Doherty Alex? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Out of the blue one day, he contacts me that he heard my company was doing well and that his friend, a wealthy financial business owner, would be willing to invest into my company to help it grow. Essentially becoming an “angel investor.” 

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Christobal (I’m not sure if that’s his first name or last name) was knee deep in a lawsuit with his business partner after trying to take over their company, The Aegenis Group Inc. in Utah, remember this going forward and you’ll see why shortly. Christobal ended up losing in arbitration and had a judgment levied against him for over $250k.

The arbitrator found he’d acted in “bad faith’ and with “malice” in trying to oust his business partner and take their company over. He now needed to find work somewhere. My girlfriend at the time, an accountant, warned me to not do any business with Christobal and that she didn’t trust him. Boy I wish that I listened to her.

Over the next several months, Bob Cryfield as we’ll call him, the angel investor, vets myself and my company via 2 law firms and decides to invest up to $2M into it for approximately 29.6% ownership, 3 board seats, one of which includes him, and voting rights in the company, but NO operational control. Due to the size and scope of our lucrative security protection contracts the company needed capital to grow and scale. We formally signed documents with the Angel investor in June 2011.

If there was anything in my background illicit or otherwise it would have been discovered, my finances and the company’s finances were gone through, my criminal background, military background and particularly a search of social media was all gone through with a fine-tooth comb. Nothing came up, and I knew it wouldn’t as I held the highest security clearances with the U.S. Government (TS/SCI with polygraph).

So, any supposed biography claiming I was awarded a Silver Star and Purple Heart would have been discovered and vetted right? You better believe it! Let me be clear, I’ve never been awarded a Silver Star and Purple Heart and never claimed it either!

In just 4 short months after signing a contract to invest into Greyside Group for 29% ownership and 3 short months after Christobal Mark was hired as it’s CIO, the investor along with Christobal, planned and executed the perfect coup on Monday, October 31st 2011 at 5pm. They locked me and other company executives out of the company and took control of the servers.

In the weeks prior to their “coup,” the investor met with me to express his dislike of our agreement granting him “only” a 29% stake in the company and that he wanted to be given majority ownership. I never thought anything of it at the time. I certainly never imagined they’d try to literally steal the company under the pretext of “cause” based on a false biography claiming acts of valor in combat.

They simultaneously took over all the company bank accounts worldwide, shutting them down and opening up similar named accounts to have all vendors that owed the company monies pay into the “newly” formed company named Greyside Global so they could essentially pick up operations without missing a step.

They went so far to form an operational alliance with guess who? Yep, you got it, Kevin Doherty with Nexus Consulting Group, to help them staff the large contracts we had to fulfill while things calmed down after their “take over.”

They formed a company named “Allied Guardian, later renamed Guardian Global,” which was in direct violation of the federal restraining order the court issued against them just weeks prior that I filed immediately after their take over. What I didn’t know was that they set up this parallel company in May 2011, with a British guy named James Kirsop Taylor, in our UK office whose address they used intially, and outside of the US courts’ purview, where they were being sued by me, as a vehicle to facilitate their attempted take over of Greyside Group. You can’t make this sh*t up.

How is this possible you ask yourself? The angel investor, Bob Cryfield, ran a large financial company and had personal relationships with all the major banks. A few pre-sent emails and phone calls and voila, everything was set up in advance to cripple the company within seconds. Who facilitated it all you ask? Christobal! He was the CIO of Greyside and had full access to the company’s entire IT system, its network, passwords, and access to everyone’s computers, where he could remote access in and set up back door programs to extract and plant whatever he wanted.

Marko was gunning to be named the new CEO but I needed to be ousted as the Founder/CEO by any means, remember, he did this exact same thing he was doing now, to his business partner back in Utah and lost in arbitration.

It began by sprinkling in a few key lines of valor and claims to medals on a similar bio that was used as I was courting potential business partners. They tried using this newly doctored biography, along with a blanket accusation of misappropriating funds, as “cause” to remove me from my company. Why would people do that? Pure GREED……the money the company was making was pretty astounding and they wanted it all.

Fortunately for me they did it in a pathetically dishonest, and illegal way – feel free to look up the lawsuit here. A lot has happened since then and I’m blessed that my life has turned out the way it has. Marko Christobal has since been in and out of rehab several times, his wife left him, and he’s lost his son. He’s the laughingstock of the small special operations military community we both know. and used to be a part of. 

This entire narrative was started by Christobal Marko and he’s the one who created this fake biography, passed it along to his investor buddy then further shared it with 2 bloggers who never even corroborated or vetted the validity of the claim. On June 12, 2012 it went live on the two sites and immediately went viral.

The other person that’s since gone the way of Christobal is Kevin Doherty, remember him from Nexus Consulting Group of Alexandria? Kevin Doherty was purchasing weapons illegally and having his contractors throw them off the ships they were protecting into the ocean prior to coming into ports because they had no licenses. Take a look at the picture below of a Nexus contractor throwing weapons overboard that were purchased illegally and without licenses into the ocean.

Nexus Employee Dumping Illegally Purchased Weapons Overboard

Christobal Marko went to work for him after he was let go by me and praised both Kevin and his company as the “most reputable” in the industry. He went so far to blog about him and sing his praises. I guess birds of feather flock together.

After Nexus died a slow death on the vine and he screwed over dozens of employees, Kevin stayed in the Washington D.C./Virginia area and worked as an “investigator” for the Profiling Project founded by his boss Jack Burkman. Burkman, a veteran D.C. lobbyist and political gadfly, had launched a high-profile campaign to investigate and publicize the Rich murder.

Doherty, tried cashing in on a $100k reward, personally put up by Burkman, for information on the Seth Rich killing acting as some deep intelligence operative while feeding bogus information to him.

After they had a falling out, Kevin decided to ambush and shoot him in a parking garage and tried running him over with a rented SUV. Luckily, Burkman wasn’t killed and an investigation quickly determined Doherty was the suspect. He was arrested at his house shortly afterwards. During the hearing in Arlington Circuit Court, Judge Newman imposed a 23-year prison term with 14 years suspended. Click on this link to read what happened and cue Sanford and Son music, it was amature hour at its finest.

Kevin Doherty is currently serving a 8 year federal prison sentence for malicious wounding and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony against his former employer and conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman. Below is his booking photo, Federal ID number and the correctional facility he’s incarcerated in. He’ll be in his late 50’s before he sees the light of day.

Kevin Doherty Federal ID# and Federal Prison Location
Kevin Doherty Federal Booking Photo

Meanwhile Christobal did far worse. After working for Nexus and Kevin, he purchased several Marines’ names as domains and tried to profit off their deaths. Yep, Christobal Marko did that with a Marine Sniper by the name of Rob Richards. You maybe heard of him for the infamous Taliban urinating video. He tried shopping the name around to Hollywood to make a quick buck for a script or movie.

Shortly after leaving Nexus Christobal slithered his way in to run the IT and social media for the Recon and Sniper Foundation, a 501c3 whose mission states: The Foundation’s mission is twofold, emergency assistance and veteran community engagement.

While being considered to be brought on to run the IT and social media; Christobal tried to extort them for a board seat. He threatened company executives that he’d point the website of an organization that helps wounded and fallen Marines’ families to child porn. He was a member of private facebook Special Operation pages, where other foundation executives were as well, and he was taking screen shots of all the internal comments and pictures being posted between members.

Believe me, I have far better things to do in life than take screenshots of FaceBook threads. He did this as an “insurance policy” should he ever have a beef with anyone due to his sociopathic behavior he could then threaten them into submission or ruin their lives by posting derogatory information on social media. See the pattern? This guy is the worst type of bottom dweller.

Marko Christobal threatening fellow Marines he’ll point domain names to gay porn

I warned them about him when some of its key executives reached out to me to determine what did he do with my former company. Hate to say I told you so, but I guess they learned the hard way too! This guy has made a career of cancelling people and companies he simply wanted to own, or thought he was better than, before cancel culture was even a thing starting way back in the early and mid 2000’s

In the end the moral of this story of these two deeply disturbed individuals, is you reap what you sow! And isn’t it funny how people with such displaced moral compasses find each other. You’ve both stained your names and any good you did in life forever over greed and stupidity.

Semper “I” to both these former Marines.

Timeline of how Christobal Marko and Investor buddy attempted to oust me as CEO of my company and how they doctored stolen valor claims about me:

The coup and its timeline:

  1. I served from 94′ – 01′ in the USMCR. Christobal served in the same unit from 95′ – 98′
  2. I was recalled to active duty after 9-11 in 02′-03′ working for an Army Unit based out of VA filling an Army E-8 position as a Weapons/Demolitions Expert. I get out and continue working for the USG and obtain a TS/SCI (with poly and read on capabilites) security clearance though 05′, my clearence stays active until 2012, with periodic reviews. You don’t think if there was some BS Bio claiming a Silver Star and Purple Heart the government wouldn’t have found out about it? In 9 years of service, I spent 7 of my 9 reserve years on Active Duty. No Silver Star, no Purple Heart no Combat Action Ribbon.
  3. Greyside Group was formed in 03′
  4. I began working in 04′ as Director of Real Estate for Subway and owned several Subway Sandwich Franchises 
  5. I sell my entire portfolio of franchises in 08′
  6. Greyside Group taken off the shelf and begins bidding on contracts 
  7. Greyside Group lands some of the largest shipping contracts with several of Europe’s largest shipping companies in April 2011
  8. Christobal Marko contacts me out of the blue in May 2011, hears I’m doing well and offers to introduce me to his best friend and owner of one the largest credit card processing company with deep connections to banks
  9. Investor vets me, Greyside Group, its financials, and my personal record for 2 months via 2 law firms. Nothing negative is discovered. 
  10. June 2011 investor agrees to invest $2M into Greyside Group for a 29% ownership into it. He insists Christobal Marko be brought on as its Chief Information Officer in July 2011. See how the mole was planted ahead of time?
  11. September 2011 investor demands majority ownership, 51%, into Greyside. I decline his demand
  12. October 2011, I, and other key company executives are locked out of our servers, emails, website and entire company operations. All company bank accounts are shut down and a newly formed accounts are opened, Christobal Marko facilitates it all at the request of the investor, with a promise to be named its new CEO. While the investor simultaneously shuts down all corporate accounts and opens new ones with similar name.  Remember, coup’s require planning and timing is key, they have to happen swiftly and with precision.
  13. All our vendors and contract partners are contacted by investor and Christobal informing them of my “ouster” and to send all payments owed (in the tens of millions of dollars) to the company to the “new” bank accounts. . None comply!
  14. Dozens of men are stranded overseas in High-Risk Areas, they won’t pay to fly them home, I begin to bring them home around Thanksgiving personally paying over $250k in airfare
  15. November 2011. In my role as CEO, I obtain a federal injunction enjoining Christobal, the investor and 2 other associates of the investor 
  16. December 2011. I sue them in my capacity as CEO on behalf of the company. They realize their coup has lost steam and is failing miserably. The investor is worried that I will sue his personal company and pierce its corporate veil
  17. February 1, Christobal, Investor and 2 other defendants, settle with Greyside, they leave $2m in the company and walk away with zero interest and no board seats. They lost their effort to oust me and insert a new CEO.
  18. June 12, 2012. Christobal sends a pdf document he created from a bio I had in which he added that I was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart to two bloggers he knows (The Sandgram and This Aint Hell which has since shut down). Remember, the blogs said I told a “female” during my subway days that I received a Silver Star, so that must have been between 04′ and 08′. Then miraculously in 2012 she came “forward” to the blogs to “expose” me and during that time I didn’t make anyone’s radar? Remember the fake bio they posted that Christobal doctored and sent them was supposedly from 11′ or 12′. Nothing adds up, and therein is the BS of this entire claim of Stolen Valor
  19. The document goes viral in the military community, he now has the ability to go to the comments section on these blogs and post “anonymously” and post links or anything else he wants about me that will remain on the web in perpetuity.  See how you cancel someone and destroy their reputation?
  20. July 2015, Christobal continues to link derogatory links to his personal website in direct violation of prior settlement agreement, while continuing to disparage me on private chat rooms in Facebook and in person to the Marine Scout/Sniper and Force Reconnaissance communities. I sue him for it, he settles and removes his links and comments. You can view the complaint here
  21. Since that time, he’s continued to jump up and down like a petulant child insisting that somehow, I’m a stolen valor case. His wife has since divorced him, he’s been in and out of rehab and pretty much lost everything.  Here he is threatening and belittling a fellow veteran
Alex Popovic Actual Bio Greyside Group

Here’s my actual bio used during that time and not on any website. If you google the one Christobal spread about me to his two blog friends that claimed combat service, a Silver Star and Purple heart, you can see the difference between this actual bio and the one he spread. It was just subtle enough to effectuate the lie.

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Phoenix Business Journal Interviews Alex Popovic Who Was Hired as Vice President of Development For All of Arizona

Alex Popovic was recently interviewed by the Phoenix Business Journal

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Alex Popovic brought on as Regional Vice President of Development for Arizona

Alex Popovic has been brought on as regional vice president of development with Richman Group for all of Arizona.

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Alex Popovic and MMA fighter Aleksandar Rakic

It’s so funny how a very unique name in the west is commonly spelled in the Serbia. The name Aleksandar is about as common as “John” or “Bob”. Here is Alex Popovic who also has a REALTOR® license and MMA fighter Aleksandar Rakic with similar names.ć

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Alex Popovic Phoenix Commercial Development Executive

Alex Popovic has been involved in Real Estate as a Broker and developer of projects in areas such as Retail, Industrial, Office and Multifamily.

Alex Popovic Phoenix Commercial Developer

Alex Popovic Commercial Real Estate Executive

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Alex Popovic Chosen To Sit on Paradise Valley Village Planning Committee for Second Term

Alex Popovic sits on the Paradise Valley Village Planning Committee. Debra Stark, Councilwoman for District 3 in Phoenix requested he be re-appointed for a second term to sit on the most active village, development wise, of all 15 villages that comprise Phoenix.

The Village Planning Committees shall assist the Planning Commission in the performance of its duties. Village Planning Committee activities should include:

1) Identifying areas or provisions of the General Plan text which need refinement and updating.

2) Identifying problems and needs related to implementation of the General Plan.

3) Defining in greater detail the intended future function, density and character of sub-areas of the village.

4) Commenting on proposals for the new zoning districts or land use districts.

Last year, the Paradise Valley Village, heard over 40 rezoning cases and approved over $1B in developed product.

You can follow Alex Popovic on LinkedIn

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Alex Popovic Discusses Small Business Marketing and How He Grew his Company on Fox Business News and YouTube

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Alex Popovic Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Various Events

Alex Popovic at major downtown Phoenix Development project

Alex Popovic ASU W.P. Carey Masters Real Estate Development

Alex Popovic with Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego

Alex Popovic with Steve Kraus, owener/founder Press Coffee

Alex Popovic speaking at Commercial Real Estate trends day at Arizona School of Real Estate and Business

Alex Popovic R&D’ing M40A3 suppressed at Quantico VA prior to Afghanistan distribution
Alex Popovic conducting ship board operations
Alex Popovic Instructor Scout/Sniper School Quantico VA with Chuck Mawhinney rifle responsible for 103 kills
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