Nexus Consulting Group Alexandria, Owned by Kevin Doherty Doesn’t Pay Employees. His Friend Marko Christobal Hailed Him as a Reputable Company

As previously mentioned in a blog piece I wrote here, I used to own a very, very successful Private Security Company (PSC) and had landed some of the largest private sector security contracts with several of Europe’s largest shipping companies.  By 2011 during the height of Somali Pirate attacks against ships transiting in and around the Gulf of Aden, Greyside Group protected hundreds of millions of dollars of cargo and ships.

Kevin Doherty Nexus Consulting

Kevin Doherty Nexus Consulting Group

The old adage “all’s fair in business and war” held true during this time in the business world and particularly with regards to our direct competitors.  One of our competitors, Nexus Consulting Group Alexandria (kind of a stupid name for a company) and whose domain name was (quick SEO tip, .com is the best URL for a plethora of reasons like 75% of all links go back to .com domains, brandability is better with .com etc, etc you get the idea), was constantly pulling less than ethical business practices.

Kevin Doherty, Nexus’ founder CEO or whatever the hell his title was, along with his friend Marko Christobal, started this whole stolen valor claim circulating around the internet about me.  Let me be clear, I’ve never been awarded a Silver Star or Purple Heart.  Here’s my actual bio and not the BS cirulating around 2 other blogs and the internet.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 5.00.08 PM

Negative Reviews of Nexus Consulting Not Paying Monies Owed to Employees

Over the last several months I’ve been contacted by Marines and other service members who worked for Kevin Doherty, the one man show of Nexus Consulting Group, who called to ask me if my old security company Greyside Group was still open and looking for employees?  I just receieved a message from a former employee of Nexus Consulting who is owed $19,800.00 by Doherty.

This brings the total, that I’ve been made aware of, that he owes backpay to men who served in High Risk Areas come in at a whoping $80,000.00+.  Check out the unbeliveable dismal reviews, or just look at the above picture,  for Nexus and Kevin Doherty from people who worked for him.

Then there’s his butt buddy, Marko Christobal, and self procalimed Google God, who’s held podcasts for him, blogged for him and even worked for him after he was let go from Greyside Group as it’s CTO, I sued him and 3 other individuals after their failed takeover of my company.

The ironic thing is Kevin Doherty actually published and spoke about hiring a “reputable” security provider as if he was some industry voice and Subject Matter Expert discussing how many industry participants were operating fly by night operations.  It’s really reputable to owe almost, if not more, than six figures back pay to former employees huh, you scumbag!

I guess going out personally on transits while you’re the CEO to save the company money in order to stave off the bleeding from the monies it owed to several contractors didn’t work.  I personally have now been contacted by Law Enforcement sources and several former employees.  The chickens have come to roost my friend.  Some very interesting things are about to happen to you and your buddy Marko, so don’t try and avoid the process server/s.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.08.57 AMIn the end Nexus Consulting Group Alexandria, ended up being nothing than a personal slush fund for Kevin Doherty who did so by squandering monies owed to good men, veterans mind you and fellow Marines, who put their lives on the line for you and your company you scumbag bottom dweller.

Yep, you see Kevin Doherty was a POG Marine, who screwed over other Marines including fellow Recon and Scout/Sniper brothers, along with another fellow Marine (Marko Christobal) who vouched up and down, even blogged for about how Kevin and Nexus were the tip of the spear ethically and business wise.  These two assclowns have had a propensity for unethical practices and generally being huge shitbags.

Any shipping companies thinking of using Nexus or if you have any questions regarding their operations please contact me.  As for a reputable company operating in Anti-Piracy operations in and around the Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and Somalia, Nexus was by far one of the worst and most dishonest companies that worked in the Anti-Piracy and Private Security industry.

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Congress Doesn’t Have ObamaCare So Why Should We The People?

Congress has long been dysfunctional, on both sides of the aisle (20% approval rating), and actually just like Senator McCain said upon his return from brain cancer treatment to vote on repealing Obama Care “We keep trying to find a way to win without help from across the aisle,” McCain said, and whose no vote failed the repeal. “Why don’t we try the old way of legislating in the Senate?”

You know that may actually work when necessary to come to a consensus through compromise in order to pass laws and enact legislation. However, Congress also passed laws to bypass what the rest of us common folk are forced to live with, namely Affordable Care Act aka Obama Care.

Here’s how it went down. Late at night in March 2010 in its rush to enact the Obamacare bill, Congress voted itself out of its own employer-sponsored health insurance coverage—aka Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

Section 1312(d)(3)(d), hidden deep in the thousands and thousands of pages, required members of Congress (and staff) to enroll in the new health exchange system. Ok but where’s the scam? Keep reading and I’ll explain it.

ObamaCareBy doing this the House and Senate had quietly taken a “Congressional waiver” from the administration that puts them above the law that was specifically amended to include Congress. The law says, “the only health plans that the Federal Government may make available to Members of Congress and congressional staff … shall be health plans that are – (I) created under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act); or (II) offered through an Exchange established under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act).”  In essence Congress was required by law to be treated like any other citizen and purchase Obamacare.  Got it?  They had to leave the one plan they were in and were forced to take Obamacare.

Realizing what they had done, congressional leaders sought desperately to get fatter taxpayer subsidies in the Obamacare exchange system. From 2010 to 2013, House and Senate leaders schemed to get extra taxpayer subsidies—past “the Tea Party rabble”—without a lot of noise, and secure a nice, quiet “administrative” remedy from the Obama administration and Obamacare.

Their hopes centered on a compliant Office of Personnel Management, the agency that administers the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, providing the unauthorized relief. No recorded votes. No ugly floor fights.

So, on Aug. 7, 2013, just as Congress was getting out of town for the August recess, the Office of Personnel Management ruled that members of Congress and staff enrolled in the exchange program would get Federal Employees Health Benefits Program subsidies, even though they were no longer in the program. There’s the scam folks right there!

In a second iteration of its rule-making, the Office of Personnel Management declared that Congress and staff were eligible to enroll in the Washington, D.C., “SHOP” Exchange, a health insurance exchange reserved for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. The exchange offers special insurance subsidies to participating small businesses. Congress declared itself a small business.

The problem was, of course, that Congress is not a “small business,” at least under any clinically sane definition of the term, and no section of the Affordable Care Act provided for any congressional exemption from the ban on large employer participation in the SHOP exchanges. It’s hard to imagine a more arbitrary ruling. Do you see the problem here they faced? Congress with all its members and staffers totaled over 13,000 people yet someone from Congress submitted affidavits fraudulently; they declared themselves a business with less than 50 employees (15 in the House and 15 in the Senate). FOIA requests to find out who signed and pledged that Congress only had 30 employees have gone unheeded and no-one knows which congressman/s submitted the affidavit.

And here’s how they got around it.  Members of Congress and their designated “official office” staff are insured through the District of Columbia’s small business exchange — but they receive a one-of-a-kind subsidy from their employer (us taxpayers) of up to $12,000, or about 70% of their premiums via the old Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Could you use $12,000 a year to help with your premium? I bet you and your family could!

Congressmen from both sides schemed and falsified documents that designated Congress as a small business with less than 15 employees, and in the process got all the money from OPM to subsidize (using taxpayers money) to pay their huge premium’s that we’re all forced to live with. After all remember what Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) said, “we have to pass the act to see what’s in it.” They knew it was one of the worst pieces of legislation and while it covered millions, many millions more simply couldn’t afford the high premiums. But why should they care their plan is called “Gold Level” Obamacare.

Ask any Congressman whether they have Obamacare like us and they’ll all answer, “why yes we do.” What they won’t tell you though is that we taxpayers pay their high premiums, and therein lies the problem they’re liars and cheats.

On that note, Senator McCain’s recent and tragic brain cancer diagnosis is requiring him to be seen at the Mayo Clinic right here in Scottsdale and down the street from my house. Why though would a disabled veteran simply not use the VA healthcare System us other disabled veterans are forced to use? Or, how is he able to get such expensive care by using Obamacare? It’s because us taxpayers are paying for it.

Many people have complained about the disconnect between Washington D.C. and mainstream America. And you wonder why hashtags and sayings such as “drain the swamp” and why a billionaire businessman has got more support than you and the media combined. Shame on every one of you bottom dwellers from both sides of the aisle.

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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Found Guilty of Criminal Contempt of Court

After almost a month of deliberation by U.S District Judge Susan Bolton, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is now a convicted criminal.  The immigration policies that led him to be nicknamed “America’s toughest Sheriff” also led to his demise.

sheriff joe arpaio

(Photo: Hannah Gaber/The Republic)

The judge ruled against Arpaio’s defense and rejected the notion that the order requiring him to stop his signature immigration round-ups was unclear and that the violations were uninteded.

The sentencing phase will begin Oct. 5, and the misdemeanor carries a maximum of 6 months prision and 3 years probation plus fines.

You can bet the former Sheriff will exhaust every legal means appealing the verdict.

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OJ Simpson Paroled, I Give Him 5 Years Till He Goes Back To Prison

I used to be cop for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department after I got out of the Marine Corps right before 9-11.   Actually, the morning of 9-11 we just started firearms training and there was talk we were going to get deputized early during that fog of war.

This said, my Sergeant that took over my squad when he became a newly minted Sergant came from the dark world of undercover work.  He was a cuban who looked like he was Italian and worked deep, deep undercover for all the Fed cases in the valley when it came to major drug interdiction.  He did it for almost 9 years and led a double life i.e. his assumed identity the feds gave him and his real life were the thing movies are made of.

O.J. Simpson arrives for his parole hearing at Lovelock Correctional Centre in Lovelock

Picture courtesy of CBS news

Ok, so what’s this got to do with OJ….fast forward 5 years after I left the department and that Sergeant was now the Sergant in charge of the robbery division.  He’s the one who got called out to the casino after OJ Simpson robbed people at gunpoint and kidnapped them (held them against their will).  I remember him calling me, “Pop, we got the Juice and he’s fucked.”

Today I watched the same guy get paroled after 9 years for that crime, try to explain that it wasn’t him but others, and try to downplay what he did that day.  Much like during his trial, you know the one where he almost cut his wife’s head after slashing her throat as his kids slept in the bedroom and stabbed her male companion over 20+ times, but that got him off?  Florida I’d be seriously worried if this guy moved in anywhere within 5 miles of where you live.

Remember what this nut job said today.  I’ve basically led a conflict free life.  Really?  You’re whole life has been marred by nothing but conflict.  I guess beating on women is cool and that’s what tough guys do right?  Until you can’t beat on her anymore then you slit her throat so violently that you almost sever her head.

OJ Simpson Alex Popovic blog 2

Nicole Brown Simpson After Beating By OJ Simpson

Simpson, is the worst of the worst sociopaths and narcissists.  He’s out on parole, but the terms and conditions of that parole place restrictions on his actions while outside of prison.  He’s the type of guy that can not step on his own d**k.  I give him 5 years before he’s back in prison for parole violation.  I’m not a betting man, OK, actually I am and have been barred from 4 casinos in Vegas for supposedly counting cards (which isn’t illegal in Vegas), who’s willing to bet me otherwise?

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Tough Prognosis For Senator John McCain

There’s a time for politics and time for compassion.  Tonight is a time for compassion and prayers for an American warrior Senator John McCain, war hero, Congressman and Senator for the state of Arizona for the past 36 years.

Senator John McCain Alex Popovic blogJust days after having a small blood clot removed from above his left eye, otherwise known as a “keyhole” craniotomy, which involves a small incision to remove the clot from the left frontal lobe, McCain’s doctors at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix announced that brain cancer has now been diagnosed for the 80 year old Senator.

McCain who was a prisoner of war for 6 years and survived some of the most brutal torture and conditions after being shot down in Vietnam and while a prisoner is one tough SOB who can overcome this.

At a time when Washington D.C. and politics has become so divisive maybe we can come together to wish the Senator the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

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The Dark Side Of Contracting Overseas Featured In Spotter Up


Alex Popovic In Northern Iraq

Please check out my latest blog piece over at Spotter Up.  In it I discuss the impact on contractors that are injured overseas while operating in High-Risk Areas such as Iraq or Afghanistan.  I personally went through the ordeal after being injured in Iraq and I discuss what to expect, key terms such as DBA (Defense Base Act), Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and Average Weekly Wage (AWW).

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The Downward Spiral Of Markus Christobal

What if I told you this was a satirical parody about a person who’s a legend in his own mind?  What if I told you this a journey into sight and sound and this person is a completely fictional character?  Well, they are just that, fictional!

How many of you have seen Batman, the good one with Christian Bale?  Remember the scene with Alfred, when he’s explaining to Batman about what makes people like the Joker tick and he says’s “some men just want to watch the world burn.”  Well, this person is like that.

Marko ChristobalImagine being the worst of the worst narcissists, someone who would brag about killing innocent people in war by putting food out by friendly lines while deployed overseas in a compound that you never left while everyone else did; Rangers, SEAL’s and Special Forces who were out in the thick of things.  I guess that little red, blue and yellow Combat Action Ribbon means you’re a badass and became the center of your world.  Pathetic really, when your service is defined by the ribbons you garnered.

I guess if you don’t have a Navy Achievement Medal, one didn’t achieve anything during his/her service, or a Navy Commendation Medal, then one did nothing commendable.  What if you failed SEAL training,  that would have put you in the thick of things as 9-11 happened and you missed being a part of SOF-like never before?  The “what if” itch must be really gnawing huh? Ringing that bell must have really sucked, I bet you hear it daily. Ding, ding….Ding, ding….Ding, ding.

What if you saw all your friends and former colleagues going off to fight the good fight in what has become America’s longest war?  That itch constantly nagging you as you now work in corporate America unable to contribute in some way shape or form. Instead, you become a self-proclaimed “Google God.”  Or so you think?

What if your moral compass starts becoming skewed at some point during this time, or was it always that way since you came out of the womb and you’re just an evil, ugly person at the core, someone who “just wants to watch the world burn?”

What if you became so enraged you started becoming more “educated” or so you thought and you start thinking you’re better than others in business, and life in general?  You start trying to take what isn’t legally or rightfully yours, you begin losing your ass in lawsuit after lawsuit.  You start hiding behind academia and blogs and making peoples’ and business lives difficult by lashing out with unsubstantiated blogs, accusations, and self-delusional social media justice.  You’re an online bully!  After all “You can hack peoples’ lives” and “destroy them online.”

What if you made fun of and took advantage of Mormon business owners, belittling their religion in front of others after the fact and how stupid they were in settling with you?  What if you made up fake stolen valor claims about others and jumped up and down so loudly within a community in an effort to say “Hey everyone, look he’s a valor thief,” when in reality you completely fabricated it and tried destroying honorable service? Tick, tock, tick, tock, all your transgressions are slowly adding up.

You begin bragging about what you can do and what you’ve done, people smile at you with an apprehensive smile, deep down they feel sorry for you and think “how pathetic.”  Your world becomes the bottle and you’re losing your family and friends, but you’re still telling yourself “we’re playing the game my way,” and ” I’m winning”  What a joke!

I guess life has a way of putting people like you in check and at some point, it decides enough is enough, maybe putting an end to it all would be the best thing for all concerned?  Now your run-ins with the law are starting to become more frequent, you’re missing work and slipping and your employer is onto you, things are unraveling at a fast pace and the end is near.  But then again it’s always been coming, and all by your own doing.

When you’re the result of an outlaw biker and prostitute I guess this was inevitable really.  You’re a cancer that’s slowly done its own thing for too long, screwed up and messed over too many lives and now it’s time to cut it out and send it on its way. Imagine if someone like this actually existed, I’d hate to be that person, their world forever changed because of recent events.  Now go grab your shoe shine box.

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Comey’s “Columbia Professor” Friend Who Leaked Memo Identified

In a stunning admission, fired FBI Director James Comey told a Senate committee on Thursday that he was behind the leak of a memo he wrote that stated “Donald Trump asked me to stem the investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Comey stated “I woke up in the middle of the night” and realized I may be able to use memos I had recorded to share my version of events.”  He went on to say I provided the memo to a friend of mine who’s a Columbia University professor.

No one, on either side of the aisle on the panel pressed him further by asking for who exactly was it.  Well, now I/we know his name is Professor Daniel Richman.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.28.26 AMRichman’s faculty webpage says he is “currently an adviser to FBI Director James B. Comey.”  He is a former federal prosecutor and worked with Comey in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

Here’s the potential problem for James Comey, did he leak possible information that should have been classified and that wasn’t so it could get out “his version” of events?  If so he’s in some legal hot water.  Like many watching the proceedings, I was stunned when I heard that a sitting FBI Director leaked information to a “surrogate” in an effort to pass it onto the New York Times of all outlets.

Ohhhh and if you think this was the first time he’s leaked something, think again, he just got caught admitting it, and now we know how pervasive this leaking problem is for the current administration.  I guess he “couldn’t” have leaked that the former AG asked him not to refer to the Clinton scandal as an “investigation” but rather an “event.”

What message does this send to others working in the government?  I guess leaking information is just the new norm in an otherwise already dysfunctional town.

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NSA Leaker Identified, After Trump Admin Probe, Crackdown Begins.

As a nation and a democratic society, never in the history of any presidential administration has it been faced with so many leaks of highly classified information as the Trump administration has been in its first several months in power.

Yesterday a 25-year old NSA Federal contractor named Reality Winner, yes you read that right and one can’t make this up, was arrested and is facing serious charges along with a long prison sentence for removing classified information from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet.

Reality Winner Facebook picture

Courtesy of Instagram

Rocket scientist right!  This Dari, Pashto and Farsi speaker served in the Air Force and was working for Pluribus International Corporation and was assigned to a government facility in Georgia.  She held some of the highest security clearances since being hired on Feb. 13.

Winner, or in this case loser, was identified because she was one of six people who printed the document off of their computer. Of those six, she was the only one who had any email contact with a news outlet according to the Justice Department.

She’s a hardcore Bernie Sanders supporter and her social media footprint shows she is a supporter of Bill Maher, Michael Moore, and openly supports Islamic Society of North America and is a self-proclaimed “resist Trump” believer who called President Trump as a “piece of shit.”

Winner was extremely active on Social Media regarding political activities and was heavily critical of Trump just after he took office. She used the hashtag “NeverMyPresident” and “Resist” in a Facebook post about his position on DAPL.

Here’s her Facebook rant

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 6.35.33 AM\

Reality is about to set in for this loser in the form of a long Federal Prison sentence, and I hope they throw away the key to send a message to those political hacks who want to follow in her footsteps.

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Russian To Judgement

There’s a saying in Russian (Болтуна язык до добра не доведёт) that literally means “The tongue will bring the chatterer no good.”  Since our 45th President was duly elected there has been a lot of chatter about Russia and that he colluded with them to somehow steal the election with their help.

Washington D.C. has become the most divisive, dysfunctional and distrustful cesspool of elected officials that probably has our forefathers turning in their graves. Only one class is lower than these bumbling idiots and that’s journalists in America.

The American people just want a simple answer, what is happening and to what degree did Russia try to impact the election, followed by what are we doing to fix it?

Anything beyond this is why President Trump got elected as an outsider who ran against the most financially backed candidate in U.S. history with $1.4 Billion dollars+ in her coffers and who also had the entire mainstream media pushing/helping her to win.  How’d that work out for ya?

You know the same media who said this:

The media, or should I say lap dogs of the democratic party, who are fake and lost all credibility with mainstream America, can’t seem to figure out that they’re irrelevant, or maybe they just don’t want to accept it, after all, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You’re supposed to tell us what you know, not what you think CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, New York Times, Politico, Univision, Yahoo, NPR….you get the idea.

Your job is to gather facts to create a story and report on that objectively, not create a story then gather facts to fit into that story, kind of like the Russian ties to Trump and that he personally colluded with Vlad and is a proxy of the Hammer and Sickle.

Can you tell us how or why he’s been colluding with him, and do you think if there was something there i.e facts that it occurred, that you wouldn’t have spewed it everywhere and broke the story in an effort to be the first to report such a diabolical scheme hoping to raise your guttered ratings?

This is the biggest witch hunt in U.S. political history.  We’re tired of hearing speculation, rumors and unfounded calls for impeachment,  yes a democratic, Rep. Al Green from Texas’ 9th district called for President Trump’s impeachment immediately.  Nancy Pelosi immediately admonished the drunken impeached gentleman.

You’ve created two sides, those that hate Trump and those that will defend him to the hilt.  Guess what you’re both equally dangerous because you the media are supposed to cut through the BS and get to the truth, you know that ethic you threw out the window years ago when you aligned your reporting with your own personal political beliefs.

When you, yes you media, creates the problems and presents itself as the solution then a dangerous impasse has been reached.  You’ve become authors of chaos and doubled down on that, yet you don’t understand why people distrust you more than the very politicians the American people voted against in the last election.

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