Alex Popovic was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and immigrated to the U.S. as a teenager in the late 1980’s.  Upon his arrival to the U.S., Alex attended the Marine Military Academy High School, located in Harlingen Texas for 3 years. It was here that retired Marines from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam era wars helped instill the Marine Corps ethics and ideals that would be so instrumental in his most formative years and challenge Alex later as a Marine and successful businessman.

Upon graduation, Alex attended college in Missouri and Florida, where he studied Chemical Engineering, and enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1993, attending boot camp at Parris Island in 1994. Upon graduating from both Marine Corps boot camp and School Of Infantry (0311) as the honor graduate, he joined 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company. He began his pipeline training as a Force Reconnaissance Marine (0321) and became a Jump and Dive qualified Reconnaissance Marine (8654) as well as a Marine Corps Scout/Sniper (8541) and an Assault Breacher. He was an instructor at Scout/Sniper School Quantico, VA from 1998-2001 and left the Marine Corps honorably in June 2001.

After 9-11, Alex was recalled to active duty in 2002 until 2005. During this time Alex was attached to Special Operations units in VA and North Carolina and worked closely with the DIA in support of combat operations on the GWOT, both domestically and abroad. Upon his second honorable discharge, Alex worked for think tanks in the Washington D.C. area and held and maintained some of the highest security clearances.

Concurrently, Alex owned and operated several successful businesses and franchises, and worked overseas as a contractor in Iraq until an injury in Baghdad required several months of intense physical therapy. While in therapy, Alex’s long time company, Greyside Group, that he started with a clean sheet of paper and an idea became very successful in its support of private sector security. He was the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Greyside Group®. Early efforts included strategizing on how to mitigate IED attacks against coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan; training U.S. Coast Guard elements on anti-piracy and anti-drug techniques; and supporting Special Forces Groups deploying to Southwest Asia. In 2008, Greyside Group’s® main focus became the emerging problem of piracy in and around the Gulf of Aden.

Alex successfully negotiated and captured contracts on behalf of Greyside Group® totaling millions of dollars with companies throughout the world. He also successfully raised millions of dollars in captial from investors.  He has spoken throughout the world at security events and has appeared on Fox Business network to discuss security in high-risk areas and a variety of other news outlets.

He holds a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship (BBA) and has a Masters Degree in Real Estate Development (MRED) from ASU WP Carey School of Business He is in the process of writing a book about his life and the experiences he’s had worldwide. He has a passion for start-up companies, helping veterans in real estate and donating to veteran causes along with development of commercial real estate developement in and throughout the Phoenix area.

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