Alex Popovic Chosen To Sit on Paradise Valley Village Planning Committee for Second Term

Alex Popovic sits on the Paradise Valley Village Planning Committee. Debra Stark, Councilwoman for District 3 in Phoenix requested he be re-appointed for a second term to sit on the most active village, development wise, of all 15 villages that comprise Phoenix.

The Village Planning Committees shall assist the Planning Commission in the performance of its duties. Village Planning Committee activities should include:

1) Identifying areas or provisions of the General Plan text which need refinement and updating.

2) Identifying problems and needs related to implementation of the General Plan.

3) Defining in greater detail the intended future function, density and character of sub-areas of the village.

4) Commenting on proposals for the new zoning districts or land use districts.

Last year, the Paradise Valley Village, heard over 40 rezoning cases and approved over $1B in developed product.

You can follow Alex Popovic on LinkedIn

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